What Not To Do When Shopping For Heels

Some fashionistas say that shopping is a sport, while others call it their favorite hobby. I, however, believe that it is a science. Being the petite fashion lover that I am, my favorite thing is high heel shopping. If you have ever struggled to walk in a pair of pumps, it's likely because you've made some major mistakes while choosing a pair of high heels, whether it's in-store or online. But it's totally OK, because we've all done it. I only know the things you should definitely not do when you're buying a pair of high heels because I have done it myself.

I can also tell you from experience that these big mistakes you're making when you are purchasing your precious new pumps are one of the many reasons why they are not as precious after two hours of wearing them. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a new pair of shoes, buying them, fantasizing about them all the way home, and then when the day finally comes to wear them, you find that you absolutely hate them and are damning them to hell. It's kind of girl code that I not let this happen to you (again). So, here are 5 big mistakes you're making when shopping for high heels.

1. You're shopping for heels in the morning

I highly reccommend going shopping for high heels at the end of your day. At the end of your day, your feet are tired and possibly even a little bit swollen. This is a great test for a new pair of shoes. If the pumps that you are slipping into still feel comfortable despite how aggravated your feet are at the end of the day— awesome! That means that they will feel comfortable all night long, even if you choose to wear them dancing.

2. You're not walking around the store in the shoes

I used to make this mistake all the time! You put on the shoes. You look in the mirror. You look amazing. They look amazing. Before you know it, you're at the register with your credit card out. The thing is, if you don't really take the time to take a good long strut in the shoes, you won't know if you can walk in them at all. Not all heels were made for walking, so don't assume.

3. You're not asking the right questions, or any at all!

You really need to get as much product knowledge as possible before making your purchase. Ask a sales associate for help. Chances are she gets an amazing employee discount and if the shoes are really that great, she probably even owns them herself. If you are shopping online, take extra care in reading the reviews of the shoes in question. True fashionistas are opinionated. If there are no reviews, do not leave it to chance!

4. You're shopping in the wrong store

It's really important to buy good shoes. "Good" doesn't neccessarily mean expensive, but be very wary of buying inexpensive, cheaply-made shoes! I bought a pair of leopard ankle booties from a notoriously cheap retailer once. The shoes were obviously super cute, but they were also horribly uncomfortable. I could walk in them just fine for the first two hours, but I would always end up taking them off before I had even left the party. What's the point of buying shoes if you can't wear them?

5. Your expectations are not realistic for your life

Consider your lifestyle when buying a pair of high heels. Are you the kind of girl that enjoys a backyard barbeque in spring and summer? Maybe you want to look for a wedge rather than a stilhetto. Do you wear high heels to work? Maybe you should try a lower heel to make yourself more comfortable. Do you wear your high heels casually? If you're as short as I am, you might, and I would recommend looking for shoes with thicker or chunkier heels. Just remember to ask yourself before you make a new heel purchase if your heels match your personality.

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