Kanye West Pens 'Paper Mag' Essay & Here's The 12 Most Salacious Bits, From Racism to Kilts

Kanye West has made less of a splash than his wife did with a Paper Mag cover. I think that, cover-wise, he got a raw deal. It's so dark and brooding, like nearly every other picture that has ever been taken of Kanye. It's not going to break the internet. However, while the cover was spectacular, Kim didn't have all that much to say in the interview. Kanye penned an essay for Paper Mag for his turn, and it's fascinating.

Kanye is incredibly good at soundbites; it's one of the reasons he's such a talented rapper, and also why he ends up facing a lot of ridicule. I think that media outlets don't give him enough credit when he's being tongue-in-cheek (perhaps because the moody scowl that accompanies the interviews seems incapable of playfulness), as well as taking the soundbites out of the context of what is often a far longer and more nuanced argument.

I don't agree with (or at least fully follow) everything he says in this interview. He seems to worship at the temple that is Apple (and Steve Jobs). He argues that corporations are bad, but money is good, which seems like a false separation. I am far less hopeful than he is about the equalizing effects of the internet on new generations. However, Kanye had some beautiful things to say about artistic mediums, fatherhood, and beauty, as well as some hilarious quips. While I recommend reading the whole thing, here are some of the highlights.

On The Internet

On Mentoring

On The Gap

On Fashion

On Kilts

On What's To Come

On What Gets Him Off

On Branding

On Fatherhood

On Racism

On Current Events & Social Media

On Outbursts

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