4 '90s Trends for Plus-Size Ladies to Try

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As a '90s kid, I still remember hearing my older siblings blasting Nirvana from their bedrooms at such obscene levels that the neighbors down the block would call to complain. I remember the mom jeans, the plaid — oh, so much plaid — the fuzzy sweater dresses, and the denim everything. Seriously, denim was the drug of the decade.

These staple wardrobe pieces marked the pivotal years of my childhood. Grunge became that thing, like shoulder pads had before it, and disco pants before that. Everything I wore, I wore because it reminded me of Full House's D.J. Tanner. So to see the '90s come back has been epic. So, so epic. And to see the variety in plus options is equally fabulous.

Shop these to bring it back to your closet ASAP.

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