How Does Queen Elizabeth II Feel About Princess Charlotte? She's Thrilled About Having Another Girl In The Family

It's been nearly two weeks since the birth of royal baby #2, but royal baby enthusiasts are still talking about Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. How can you not, especially when a baby is that cute? Plus, followers of the royals love hearing how family members are reacting to Princess Charlotte. With that said, how do you think Queen Elizabeth II feels about her new great-granddaughter?

Well, according to the Mirror, Queen Elizabeth is overjoyed with the princess. On Tuesday while attending the Buckingham Palace garden party, the queen reportedly told fellow garden party attendee Susan Pollack, a survivor of the holocaust who was invited as she's a "strong supporter of the Holocaust Memorial Trust", that she "loved" having another girl in the family. She said the queen told her, "Yes, we love to have another girl." Then, according to Pollack, the queen smiled and appeared "very relaxed and enjoying the event."

Pollack went to the garden party with her daughter Sandra Gee, who said the queen said she was "pleased" in having another great-granddaughter. Apparently, the queen also corrected another attendee when she referred to Princess Charlotte as Queen Elizabeth's "granddaughter," saying, "No, great-granddaughter."

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

It's no surprise that Queen Elizabeth feels this way. Remember that time she talked about Prince George during Christmas 2014? Not only did she say he brought "renewed happiness and hope," but that he also gave people "the chance to contemplate the future." Just imagine the happiness and hope William and Kate's two children will bring to their country.

Also, it's too bad that royal baby #2 wasn't born on April 21, because then the Queen would've shared a birthday with the little one. Many thought Kate would give birth on the queen's 89th birthday, but the baby was a little too late. That's OK, because the birth is still special, especially since the princess shares a name with her great-grandmother.

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