This Opening Ceremony x Teva Collab Is Super Cute

When it comes to summer fashion, comfort is key, right? Unless you're a Kardashian, you probably don't want to wear stilettos every day during the hot and sweltering months. Your solution? The new Teva line by Opening Ceremony— it'll be your favorite summer shoe without compromising your sense of style. Thanks to fashion's obsession with Birkenstocks, shoe style isn't just about expensive heels or wedges, it's also about comfort, too (thank goodness!).

These new platform Tevas, or Universal Flatform Sandals, are not your typical sporty Tevas. Although they are high, the platform heel will offer more comfort than a cork summer wedge. But this isn't the first time we've seen a Teva and Opening Ceremony collab. In 2014, the two brands collaborated on another fashionable and colorful Teva collection. However this year's line promises more color options, O.C's stylish design, and of course, more comfort.

But Teva and O.C. didn't just design a line of shoes — they created artwork out of the shoes' images, entitled Color Run, that you can see on Opening Ceremony's website. Still life artist Sonia Rentsch styled and designed the photos of the shoes with a kaleidoscope idea in mind, which was inspired by the work of german painter Oskar Schlemmer, according to an article on the Opening Ceremony blog.

So instead of wearing flip flops that will probably break or inevitably hurt your feet, consider these fashionable Tevas that are basically a piece of artwork. They might just be you new shoe BFF!

The Opening Ceremony Tevas are available for pre-order on and will go on sale in stores beginning May 5.

The Tevas also come in several different color combos including black and white, and green, black, and yellow.

The O.C. Tevas range from $60 to $120.

Images: Opening Ceremony (4)