11 Prom Decorations To Have At Your Pre-Party To Make The Night Feel Instantly Instagram-Worthy

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In between the hours spent getting dressed and made-up for prom and the actual prom itself lies an important, photo-filled event: the pre-prom. Whether you spend pre-prom with a small group of your friends or with a larger crew of people and their dates in someone's spacious backyard, chances are, the location will be ideal for plenty of Instagram-worthy photos. And prom decorations play a key role in making that space the perfect get-together location.

Decorating a pre-prom doesn't have to be hard, and a few décor picks go a long way. These 11 pre-prom decorations will instantly take your setting from drab to fab — and make you even more excited for prom itself. Crank up your pump-up playlist and get decorating. You're in for some of the most memorable prom moments ever.

Image: etsy.com

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