13 Gorgeous 'The Little Prince' Trailer Moments

It's here, it's here, it's finally here. In December 2014, the world was delighted by the gorgeous brilliance that was The Little Prince French trailer, a gorgeous stop motion wonderland that brought a beloved book series to life. However, if you're like me and took Spanish in high school, all you could really do with that trailer was look at the pretty pictures since you had absolutely no idea what they were saying. Enter The Little Prince English trailer, which just hit the Internet on Monday and is every bit as gorgeous as the French trailer — with the added bonus that I can understand what people are saying. And, I have to admit, my inner child is literally sobbing at how gorgeous and perfect it all is, an experience that is enhanced by the voice acting rather than ruined by it.

Starring the likes of James Franco, Rachel McAdams, Benicio del Toro and Jeff Bridge, The Little Prince film will tell the story of a pilot who crashes into the life of the eponymous prince in the desert, through the eyes of a little girl who needs a little help remembering how to be a little girl. While there's no official date for the United States release, the film is set to premiere in France on July 29.

So while we wait for our own official release date, here are 13 shots from the trailer that will bring a tear to the eye of your inner child.

1. When The Air Filled With Stars

I'm still dying over how cool this is.

2. When There Was A Butterfly In The Car

In real life, this would alarm me to no end. However, when I was a kid, a beautiful butterfly in my house was a thing to be chased, not to be feared.

3. When They Were In The Garden

I wish my backyard looked like that.

4. When She Had The Glow In The Dark Doll

Why didn't I have a glow-in-the-dark doll?!

5. When She Got To Fly A Plane

I'm starting to think that this little girl should be my childhood goals, because clearly hers is going better than mine did.

6. When The Little Prince Curls Up With The Fox

A domesticated fox? Cuuuuuute.

7. When The Little Prince Curled Up In A Flower

Someone, please start producing giant beds that look like roses — immediately.

8. When Everything Glowed In The Dark

The most I ever got were a couple of glow-in-the-dark stars to put on the roof. I feel like I seriously missed out here.

9. When The Animation Changed

I'm sorry, but this is so pretty that I couldn't help but stop and stare. What a fitting shot for such a beloved book series.

10. When The Room Looked Like This

Now that's what I called organized chaos. There might be amazing stuff all over the place, but are the floors dirty? No. Unlike my room.

11. When He Opened The Windows

Is there anything in this house that isn't vibrant and colorful? I think I've officially found my house goals.

12. When The Little Prince Watched The Sunset

And from his own asteroid, no less! Beautiful.

13. When The Little Prince Was The Little Prince

If something inside you didn't scream with joy when you got your first glimpse of the titular prince, then you clearly had no childhood.

Check out the English trailer below.

Image: YouTube (14)