Going To Prom Alone? 9 Celebrities Who Didn't Have A Date To Prom — Or Didn't Go At All

Real talk, you guys: Prom is not as important to one's teen years as TV, movies, and well, society as a whole makes it seem. Sure, it's a good time, but the key to having a good time (anytime in life) does not require a date, or even leaving your house. Even celebrities, whom we see as glamorous masters of the fancy party scene, have a history of going to prom alone, or not going at all. And if they can go against the grain and live without what is considered to be "a perfect prom night," then can't we all?

If you decide to go to prom without a date, or with just your BFFs, I'd wager a guess that you'd have way more fun than with a random date you agreed to go with just so you could have a date. If you go stag, you can mingle and dance with anyone and everyone. If you go with your friends, you will have the prettiest prom pictures everywhere, because they will be filled with beautiful women in colorful dresses and very few (if any) boring tuxes. And should you choose to skip the prom entirely, just know that college and post-college adult life will be riddled with parties that are way cooler than prom. Seriously, life goes on. Want proof? Here are a few awesome celebrities who chose to skip prom or go without a date.

1. Owen Wilson

In 2006, Wilson told People, "I didn't go to the prom; I was at military school."

2. Shay Mitchell

Rather than going with a date, Mitchell chose to attend prom alongside her favorite ladies instead.

3. Taylor Kitsch

In what is probably one of the most impressive reasons to skip prom, Kitsch told People, "Me and my best friend ended up skipping the whole thing and going to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I had one of the best times I've ever had in my life."

4. Rosario Dawson

Even breathtaking beauties like Rosario Dawson had trouble dating in high school. Dawson told Page Six that she went to prom stag, and ran into a high school crush years later and confronted him about ignoring her. His response was, “You didn’t look like that in high school,” and then she reminded him, “Yeah, I did, and you are just confirming that I was invisible to you. That’s fine. Moving on.”

5. Enrique Iglesias

This poor, gorgeous crooner was actually dumped right before prom. He told Latina.com that his date decided she didn't want to go with him, and he went to prom alone with his friends instead. Something tells me that girl feels like a prize jerk today...

6. Madonna

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, and the mother of groundbreaking female sexuality in entertainment, apparently "sat home alone" because she “couldn't get a date." Those fools.

7. James Franco

Years ago, Franco told Lindzi.com, “I missed prom. My girlfriend at the time was an actress and my prom was actually on my 18th birthday, but there was also a trip to Aspen, Oregon to go see the plays. So, we opted to see the plays. We had our own little prom." Cue the hipster "awwww"s.

8. Miley Cyrus

Because she got her start at such a young age, Cyrus was off filming during her prom and didn't attend. To be fair, she was filming The Last Song at the time with Liam Hemsworth, who later became her fiance, so I'm pretty sure she had the right amount of romantic magic that a prom wasn't even necessary.

9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Remember, JoGoLev had already become a star because of 3rd Rock From the Sun, so when he was old enough for prom, he was a very serious, no-nonsense fella. According to Madame Noir, he had no interest in the girls at his high school. “They were, like, looking in their compact mirrors and s***, and I thought that was evil.” Well, OK then.

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