Will Derek Hough Continue On 'Dancing With The Stars’? His Injury Sounds Pretty Bad — UPDATE

Why do bad things happen to good feet? From the looks of it, Derek Hough's seemingly impossible cross country liaison between Dancing With the Stars in California and the New York Spring Spectacular in NYC may be coming to a screeching halt... both at the same time. Well, that is if Derek Hough's Instagram photo from a hospital bed is any indication.

(Update, April 27: Derek Hough told Good Morning America , "Although I can sort of wobble around... I don't know, I can't dance ... I kicked my foot really hard against a light; broke my toe. And as I was going to get ice for my toe, I rolled my ankle severely and sprained it." He is still continuing to help partner Nastia Liukin who will perform with Sasha Farber on the April 27 episode.)

The dancer posted, and later deleted, a picture of what looks to be either a broken or sprained left ankle and a booted right foot. I know, what a total bummer for the dedicated entertainer. And more selfishly, for us fans who love to be entertained by him.

He captioned the photo he posted early Tuesday morning, "Just getting home from the hospital. Not the best of news. I'm in utter disbelief." You and me both, dude. Also in the picture, is his buddy and roommate Mark Ballas, and he looks as upset as we all ought to be. After all, he had to sit there and witness his pal damage his dancing goods and suffer through what looks to be like a considerable amount of pain. Entertainment Tonight relays that on his Instagram, "Ballas says he and his girlfriend, singer Britney Jean Carlson, escorted Hough to the hospital, along with Ballas' father Corky, also a pro dancer."

For a while there I thought Hough actually may be invincible and immune to the pit falls the rest of us mere mortals are faced with. The picture of the seasoned DWTS performer looks pretty damning, but he has yet to announce that he's out of either show. I suppose we shouldn't get our hopes up that Hough will make a miraculous recovery and be able to continue jet setting and dazzling both coasts with his talents, but we shouldn't count him out just yet, either. I wouldn't put it past him to carry on both shows by dancing on his hands.

You can check out Hough's tweet about the incident, the screenshot of the now-deleted picture from his Instagram, and Ballas' post below.

Image: derekhough/Instagram