Wetsuits That Double As Biz Suits? Yep, They Exist

Multi-tasking clothes are a thing, thanks to wearable tech, like jackets that double as phone-charging stations. But surfer chic that really multi-tasks, aka a Quicksilver wetsuit that doubles as a business suit? Wait, what?

The True Wetsuits are available only in Japan and are the first of their kind, according to a press release, which notes the suits are not only for surfing but parties, business occasions, and more. "Surfer cool" is now a wardrobe item, instead of just a style or image description. The company claims the wetsuit x business suit is "designed to fit every aspect of users' lives to make both life and surfing more fun. A must-have item for the busy, modern person."

I am still trying to process this information and I am sorta failing at that, even though the suits are slim, trim, and stylish, and they are very James Bond-like. I guess if you are too busy to, you know, swap out your professional attire for your beach hangs or your date with the ocean and its waves, this is a "must own" item.

The suits are comprised of a jacket, pants, a shirt, and a tie, which are all suit basics, and the suits come in black, navy, and tuxedo. They are made of neoprene, which is a high-stretch material used to make wetsuits. The suits are priced at 300,000 Japanese yen. That's about $2,505 in USD. So they ain't cheap.

The shirts are made with recycled 4-way stretch DRYFLIGHT fabric, the same material used for Quiksilver's board shorts, which is known for water repellency. It's a surfer thing, dude.

There are lots of minute details about how the tie and the other elements of the suit were crafted for an optimal surfing experience and for a stylish, modern look when not riding the waves.

But since you can't get the item in the U.S. just yet, it got my hamster wheel spinning and me thinking of three pie-in-the-sky multi-tasking outfits I'd be into, regardless of the impractical nature or the complicated, ridiculous, or scientifically impossible construction.

I don't care about the logistics. This is what I'd want in a perfect world.

1. Caffeinated Clothes

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Can there be some sort of system formulated to pipe caffeine into my veins or through my skin via a really cute dress? It could be sponsored by Starbucks. Think of all the limited edition designs that could be created, too!

2. Internal Clock


How about a pair of PJs with a built-in, internal alarm clock that isn't a jarring noise but a soft, buzzy, vibration on the skin? No, I don't mean anything sexual, either, so don't go there. Keep it clean, keep it clean. I just mean something that tingles and gently coaxes the wearer from slumber.

3. Moisture Maniac

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I've seen gloves and socks with built in moisturizing properties for hands and feet, but how about clothing that delivers moisture to your body just by wearing it? It would eliminate that extra step in the AM routine. Yes, I know — that could get messy. But I never thought I'd be emailing from my phone all day, every day or while on a plane, so anything is possible.

Images: Getty (3); Quiksilver (3)