7 Asparagus Recipes To Make Your Mouth Water This Spring — Because This Vegetable Is Surprisingly Delicious

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Before you write off asparagus recipes, let's settle in for a little history lesson, shall we? When he founded the Roman Empire in 27 BC, Augustus had his work cut out for him: His uncle, Julius Caesar, had just been murdered (by his supposed pal, no less). Large portions of Europe and Africa remained outside his grasp. And — perhaps most importantly — he had to figure out how to keep his empire rolling in asparagus.

Beloved for its exceptional flavor and diuretic properties, the Romans consumed mass amounts of the vegetable. To meet demands, Augustus had to found the Asparagus Fleet — a charge of boats tasked only with finding the world's finest asparagus. The phrase "faster than cooking asparagus" even became a common expression, used to describe a swift and easy conquest.

Well, the Romans got it right — asparagus rocks. And as we move into spring, there's never been a better time to incorporate it into your daily routine. Follow these seven, simple recipes to include the veggie in every meal.

Image: How Sweet It Is

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