10 Cool Things To Do With Jelly Beans

Welcome to the sweetest day of the year, everyone. April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day, and that means you have the right to shovel jelly beans into your gob with reckless abandon. Well, you have that right every day, but today you can tell those judging eyes to STEP. OFF... because this is a holiday, and you're basically required to honor everything this holiday entails.

Luckily, there are tons of fun ways to consume or showcase jelly beans that celebrate the unique and stale-proof sugary snack in all its glory. Jelly beans are arguably the best candy out there. I mean, have you ever met anyone who doesn't like jelly beans? Someone who thinks they're just disgusting? We all have certain flavors we don't enjoy (lookin' at you, licorice), but most sane and well-adjusted humans (young and old) like SOME jelly bean flavors. And if you're one of the few people who do not, well.... I would be mildly terrified to meet you, because that makes zero sense.

But for those of us who have trouble not eating ALL the jelly beans when faced with a communal bowl, here are some awesome and delicious ways to make jelly beans the star of the day (as they absolutely should be).

1. Become everyone's favorite coworker

Offering a bowl of jelly beans for all to share is the quickest way to make friends at work today. You will have desk pop-ins throughout the day, and you'll probably be the first one in on the hot office gossip.

2. Use them as a cake topping

Colorful AND delightfully tasty.

3. Make them into a cocktail

Drinks that taste like candy or dessert are the best drinks, and this one is also extremely pretty.

4. Or make a sweet mocktail

Can't sip on booze in the middle of the day? Or maybe you're not into consuming alcohol at all? No problemo. This drink is perfect for anyone who has no use for a spiked cocktail, but still wants to enjoy some liquid sweetness.

5. Use them to convey emotions on cupcakes

Emojis are fun, but cupcakes are better.

6. Make jelly bean bling

This way, wherever you are, you're wearing a snack if you need one.

7. Eat jelly bean popsicles

We're inching ever closer to full-blown popsicle season, and THAT is something worth celebrating. Combine your love for these icy treats with your love for all things jelly beans with a Jelly Belly flavored popsicle. Seriously, these are amazing.

8. Create candy friends

Build them, name them, and treat them like family. I'm guessing a lot of glue is involved.

9. Snack on the best popcorn EVER

And you thought a hefty serving of butter topping was the only way to make your movie-going experience enjoyable.

10. Offer a jelly bean buffet

A dessert table with only jelly beans will instantly put smiles on the faces around you. Serve it up, and watch those faces instantly brighten.

Image: Steve Koukoulas, Bob Mical, raspberri cupcakes, Sebastian Dooris, Ruth Evans, dwstucke, Personal Creations, Peter Fiebig, Alex Lovell-Troy/Flickr; Jelly Bean Cocktail/The Kitchn, Mocktail/A Spicy Perspective; Giphy