8 Earth Day DIY Projects That Transform Your Old Junk Into Seriously Stylish Pieces Of Home Decor

When you were in elementary school, your teachers probably hammered home the three R's on Earth Day: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Now that you're observing Earth Day as an adult, it's still important to keep those R's in mind — which is why our friends at Hometalk have shared eight Earth Day DIY projects that help you upcycle the junk you have lying around at home and turn it into something beautiful.

It’s easy to be eco-conscious on Earth Day — the challenge is to keep up the enthusiasm after the green and blue banners and signs come down. Fortunately, there are some ways to reuse your household waste that are a bit more enticing than separating them into different bins. Turn your old boxes, bottles, cans, and cardboard into eye-catching home decor that looks nothing less than designer.

While turning recyclables into a delicate decoration or sign is nice, how about creating something that won’t be making its way to the trash in just a week or two? These decor DIYs are a permanent addition to your happy home, and better yet, they’re free! It might sound a little cheesy, but you can save your money and your environment all at once, by trying out a fabulous decor upcycle before tossing out your trash.

1. Upcycle old magazines into coasters

Make your coffee table happy with pretty and protective coasters made from those old magazines that you haven’t tossed quite yet. This no-cost DIY is a great way to reuse your trash, not to mention it's a character-packed touch to update your decor.

Project via Dusty @All Things G&D

2. Turn a cardboard box into stylish storage

The only enjoyable thing about unpacking your stuff after a move is that leftover mountain of empty cardboard boxes. They’re great for storage but they’re not too attractive, right? Well, that’s where your favorite fabric comes in. Make your own stylish storage in minutes.

Project via Kim @Too Much Time on My Hands

3. Decorate glass bottles for your bookshelves

Before you disagree, we don’t mean you should coat it in melted crayon or cover it in decoupage (though that could look great too). Instead, how about a sophisticated design using twine and glue, to add some nautical style to your living space?

Project via Debi @Cameo Cottage Designs

4. Make your own book bead curtain

Turn pages of damaged books or magazines into your own retro paper bead curtain. This timeless design is perfect to fill a blank wall, create some funky room separation, or frame a boring window. It’s definitely not the quickest DIY, but boy is it worth it!

Project via Kim @Trashy Crafter

5. Create a large scale pin board with paper towel rolls

It’s time to start saving up those paper towel and TP rolls! Make a pin board gallery across an entire wall, or simply add a small display to any room, perfect for notes and reminders. Once you arrange your pattern and give your piece a coat of paint, no one will even knows it’s an upcycle!

Project via Sofia Encinas

6. Find the farmhouse charm in your clementine crate

You know those flimsy wooden fruit crates? Use a couple pieces of reclaimed wood to give yours some sturdier sides, and suddenly you've got a charming farmhouse-style bin, perfect for displaying flowers on your table, or storing extra throws in your living room.

Project via Angie @Knick of Time

7. Fold cardboard boxes into space-saving shoe storage

For the ultimate mix of smart design and recycling, try this genius shoe storage DIY. You can stack these shelves as high as your shoe collection, and add on space after every shopping trip.

Project via Ananda @A Piece of Rainbow

8. Use your coffee addiction to fuel your DIY addiction

Your favorite morning pick-me-up can also be an interesting lamp, with this clever K-Cup upcycle idea. Add a design or picture to a plank of wood, cut in some holes for fairy lights to peek through, and simply add your plastic cups, for an Earth-friendly and fashion-friendly marquee.

Project via Kim @The Kim Six Fix

Don’t toss those valuable home decor supplies just yet — check out our repurposing and upcycling page on Hometalk to find out what you can do with it first!