Who Plays Michelle Knight In Lifetime’s ‘Cleveland Abduction’? We Know Taryn Manning Better As Pennsatucky

Lifetime has made the first movie about the horrific events that three women faced when they were abducted by Ariel Castro between 2002 and 2004, and Taryn Manning plays Michelle Knight in Cleveland Abduction, the first of three women taken by Castro. Knight was 21 years old and Castro offered her a ride then lured her into his home, where he locked her up. For 11 years he beat her and raped her along with the other two women, and now Lifetime’s version of the story is here. From Jodi Arias to Amanda Knox, Lifetime knows how to recreate real life crime movies.

So who is playing Knight in the upcoming Lifetime movie? None other than our favorite Orange is The New Black character Pennsatucky. Maybe you don’t watch OITNB, which is absurd, you should really start, or maybe you’ve forgotten who Pennsatucky is, but she is the super religious inmate who works in the laundry room with her two friends. You may remember Piper punching her in the face at the end of Season 1 (it was well-deserved if you ask me), but Pennsatucky has become one of our favorite Netflix characters over the last three years.

So, what else has Taryn Manning, who plays Knight and Pennsatucky, been in? Besides her guest starring roles on shows like Sons of Anarchy and Hawaii 5-0, she has been in a number of popular movies during her years in Hollywood. Plus, she’s got a surprise talent.


TM Manning on YouTube

Back in 2001 Manning played Kirsten Dunst’s best friend in the movie Crazy/Beautiful. The movie includes all of your favorite early 2000s clothing.

8 Mile

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Hands down the best thing Eminem ever did in life was this movie and Manning plays the girl that Eminem dumps. So, there’s that.


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Hey, did you guys know that before Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes wrote the Britney Spears movie Crossroads? Manning plays Mimi, Spears’ friend who goes with her on a road trip to find her mom. It’s perfect.

Hustle & Flow

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This clip explains it all. She played Nola alongside Terrance Howard in the 2005 hip-hop movie.

A Lot Like Love

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She got to play Ashton Kutcher’s sister in A Lot Like Love. Personally, I would have rather played his love interest.

Singing Career

TarynManningVEVO on YouTube

Manning is pretty much a triple threat. She also sings! “I literally have 63 unreleased songs,” she told InStyle recently, “so now it’s trying to pick out the ones that matter to me the most.”