Pippa Middleton's Crazy Expensive Christening Gift for Prince George Is a Little Ridiculous

This might seem like a bit of an extravagant present to the rest of us, but for royals — the family of, anyway — a $11,000 christening gift involving having your nephew's hands and feet cast in silver is nothing. So, that's exactly what Pippa Middleton for her nephew upon his christening: According to People, Pippa Middleton had Prince George's hands and feet cast in silver for the big day, easily outbuying the members of British parliament who opted to purchase the little prince a handcrafted pine toy box for only $650. Sing it with me now: And we'll never be royals...royals...

Apparently, making the sculpture is pretty easy: According to the company who makes them, Wrightson and Platt, it basically involves having the child's hands and feet dipped in a mixture of water and a seaweed-based powder for 30 seconds, and the mold is then created.

A spokesperson wouldn't confirm the gift (maybe they just got the prince a card and were embarrassed by Pippa's extravagant gift, or something!), but "members of the British parliament are said to have opted for something a little more conservative – a handcrafted pine toy box, which cost $650."

Ha. Fools. Who needs a pine toy box when you can have a cast of your own hands and feet made of SILVER? No one royal, that's for sure.