All The New Spring Fragrances You Need to Try

Now that warmer weather is finally here, you may find yourself putting aside your favorite winter fragrance in favor of something a little lighter. It can be hard to sort through lists of the best new spring perfumes to find a scent that you love, though, especially if you don't necessarily want to stick to very simplistic floral fragrances. Take heart: A lighter scent doesn't have to mean a boring scent, and luckily there are plenty of brand new fragrances to choose from this spring that are anything but dull.

Perhaps you're sweet and feminine at heart, feeling drawn to delicate fragrances made up of white florals and fresh fruit. Or maybe you love how sexy masculine, musky perfumes smell on your skin, but you want one that's a little more toned down for summer. Perhaps you're willing to splurge on a niche fragrance that no one else will have, or you're looking for an affordable perfume that you can pick up at your local Sephora. Maybe you're not sure what kind of fragrance you like, maybe you don't like most fragrances at all, or maybe you're just in it for the prettiest bottle (no shame in that game).

Whatever your preference, you're sure to find your favorite new spring fragrance in this round-up. Read on for some of the most exciting new fragrances out this spring: From flirty florals for the ultimate girly girl to scents that, inspired by the ocean and fresh air, are sure to please any nature lover, there's something here for every woman.

1. L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette

This sweet and delicate fragrance (on the right) is the perfect spring scent for the low-key but feminine woman. Made with a cherry extract from the Luberon region of Provence, it has top notes of freesia, cherry, and lily of the valley with base notes of musk and amber.

The fruitier limited edition EDT ($45, on the left) is for her more adventurous younger sister, with top notes of lemon, blackcurrant and watermelon, mid notes of cherry blossoms, violet and rose, and a base of dewy, enchanted forest. It's fun and juicy, and a bit stronger than the original Cherry Blossom fragrance. Be sure to snatch it up before it's gone.

$55 for 2.5 oz at

2. Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary

Naturally this fragrance is for the woman who would declare herself extraordinary. This scent is bold, feminine and flirty. It has top notes of sparkling neroli essence, passion fruit flower, and cherry blossom; middle notes of peony, rose, and frangipani flower; and base notes of vanilla orchid, fragrant agarwood, and amber resin. It's definitely sexy, but in a relatable, non-pretentious way.

$58 for 1.3 oz at

3. CLEAN Air Ea de Parfum

This is a great spring fragrance for women who prefer a clean, minimal aesthetic. It's a fresh, woody floral in a simple bottle. It has top notes of mountain air, accord, bergamot, lush blossoms, and green accord; mid notes of sparkling freesia, powdered aldehydes, and peony; and base notes of musk, cashmere woods, and white amber.

You can also layer it with other CLEAN fragrances (such as Summer Sun, Warm Cotton, Skin, or Rain) for a more complex scent.

$69 for 2.14 oz at

4. Balenciaga B Skin Eau de Parfum

This is only for the most sensual and feminine of women. You may not be flashy but you're still incredibly alluring. It has top notes of bergamot oil, green tea accord, lily of the valley accord; mid notes of violet leaves, gold rose peony accord, orris concrete; base notes of cedar wood, ambrette seed, cashmere wood. This warm, sultry fragrance is perfect for summer date nights, as the scent will make your partner want to draw you closer.

$110 for 1.7 oz at

5. Balenciaga Paris l'Edition Mer

This fragrance is not so much beachy as it is aquatic, since it is concerned more with the refreshing ocean than the warm sand. It was inspired by water and mother of pearl, as you can tell by the gorgeous bottle. It has top notes of yuzu, green shiso leaf living, mid notes of wet floral muguet, seashore living, and base notes of dry woods and seashell accord. If you love swimming in the ocean you'll love this perfume.

$145 for 2.5 oz at

6. ARQUISTE L'Etrog Acqua

This fragrance is only for the boldest of women, the kind who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it. It is citrusy and masculine, with notes of myrtle leaf, Calabrese cedrat, Sicilian lemon, Italian mandarin, petitgrain citronnier, bergamot, Mediterranean lavender, labdanum, cedar wood, and vetiver. Combined, all of these notes make for a rich, complex experience that starts out sharp and tangy and mellows out into a sultry warmth. Men will love it too, whether they're smelling it on you or swiping it for themselves.

$190 for 3.4 oz at

7. Krigler Charming California 215

This fragrance is for the woman who is warm, gentle, and sophisticated in that easy, free-spirit Californian way. It has top notes of coriander and orange blossom, mid notes of Japanese green tea and Italian bergamot and Guatemalan cardamom, and base notes of Brazilian jasmine and Californian cedar wood. It's an amazing niche fragrance that no one else will have (and yes, the men in your life will want to steal this one from you too).

$220 for 1.7 oz at

Images: Kelly Dougher