Will Aunt Becky Be On The 'Full House' Spinoff? Lori Loughlin Has The Answer

Everything that is old will become new again... at least, when it comes to television. Ever since news broke that a Full House spinoff was potentially in the works over at Netflix, the world has been anxiously awaiting more information to arrive. On Monday Netflix confirmed that it has 13-episodes of spinoff Fuller House and that the new series will star Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron-Bure, and Jodi Sweetin, better known to Full House fans as as neighbor Kimmy Gibbler and sisters D.J. and Stephanie Tanner. The series will focus on D.J. Tanner-Fuller, now pregnant and recently widowed, whose sister and best friend move in to help her raise her two boys. Now that we know who the stars are, fans are dying to know which other Full House cast members will make an appearance on the series. Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky!) discussed the likelihood of the other cast member's return with Access Hollywood, and it looks like it'll all come down to just one thing.

Though Loughlin is hyped for the project (umm, who isn't?) ultimately returning to the show will come down to contract negotiations — and that if she has her way, she'll totally come back.

“[The Fuller House producers] made deals with Candace, Jodie, and Andrea. I believe they just closed [John Stamos'] deal. I don’t have a deal. Dave doesn’t have a deal, Bob — we’re all in negotiations. We want to be there. We want to come back. It’s up to them. It’s not on us. It’s now on them."

That's pretty good news, considering that I'm sure Netflix would love to have a spinoff as true to the original as possible. But what are the odds that these stars will actually come back? Here's the likelihood of their return:

Bob Saget (Danny Tanner)


It'd be pretty strange to have a Full House spinoff without Danny Tanner, the man who started it all. Luckily, Saget doesn't seem too busy for the spinoff — his last credit was a guest spot on Legit in 2014 and his voiceover work for How I Met Your Mother is now over. Outside of stand up, Saget seems to have a pretty open schedule and should totally play grandpa to the kids on Fuller House.

John Stamos (Uncle Jesse)


Stamos seems totally onboard — he even gave the exclusive about the Netflix pickup to Jimmy Kimmel during his interview on his show. The actor admitted that they've been trying to get the spinoff off the ground for years, and now he believes the team has finally got the story "perfect."

Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey)

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Coulier has so far been mum about his interest in appearing on the spinoff, but considering he's still close to the cast — most of the cast attended his wedding in July of 2014 — it seems likely that he'll make an appearance, at least for the opening hour-long reunion episode Netflix is planning.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (Michelle Tanner)

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Hmm... not so likely. At least, not according to Loughlin, who told Access Hollywood: "I don’t know that they want to do it. I don’t know what’s going on there... They have really taken a step out of the acting world, and they’re concentrating on fashion."

It seems that the Olsen twins are really the only major cast members who haven't stayed particularly close to their former cast mates, which is understandable — they were so young when the show was shot! If the Olsen twins aren't onboard with the new series, I wouldn't be surprised if another actress takes on the part of Michelle — you just can't have a Full House spinoff without her.

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