Learn To Love Your Job Like These 5 Bad Ass Women With Envy-Inducing Careers

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Whether you work at a desk from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or have a career that requires non-traditional hours and nary a cubicle, you've probably heard "advice" that tells you to maintain a perfect coif for the sake of looking professional. Women’s magazines perpetuate these messages constantly, whether they're featuring sculpted interview up-dos that will help you "snag that job," draconian instructions about "getting the corner office" via makeup tips, and total nonsense about how your hair type dictates your success.

It’s difficult to cancel out all of the noise and pressure to look #flawless. Why can't we just focus on being awesome at our jobs?

In the spirit of casting aside these "rules" about your appearance, Bustle has partnered with OGX to find five inspiring women whose hair is perfectly bad ass -- just as it is. Because when you're doing the work you love, there are no bad hair days. Click ahead to view candid shots from their workdays, learn why they love their careers, and uncover when they feel they look their best.

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