A Starbucks Drink Just Had Its Own Runway Show

Whether you like to admit it or not, Starbucks is just a little bit addictive. Maybe it's the caffeine, or perhaps it's just the comfort of knowing there's one around literally every corner. In any case, it's certainly convenient and very hard to avoid. But you have never seen Starbucks like this. Starbucks Japan recently hosted a runway show for a new flavor of Frappuccino, and it was all kinds of crazy.

In fact, I'm not sure that words alone can fully explain the Frappucino-based fashion show. From the video (which I've watched at least four times now, by the way), it seems like the idea of the entire thing was to have a lot of random people drinking the new Frappucino alongside some models wearing outfits that reflect the flavor, which happens Fruits-on-top-yogurt (NOM), by the way.

Yeah, you really have to see the video yourself to fully understand. Perhaps the best way to describe it this: it's like you had a strange dream about Starbucks, that you weren't sure if you liked or were terrified by. To be fair, the actual drink does look pretty darn delicious, despite all the other weirdness going on. And hey, at least this is a super creative way to advertise!

It starts out pretty normal, as Frappucino parties go.

Then goes into the ingredient-themed outfits, which were designed by Taro Horiuchi, a Starbucks rep told Fashionista.

Oh, and then there's a random girl playing a flute. So there's that.

In general, everyone just looks like they LOVE this drink. LOVE.

Alright, Starbucks Japan. You've convinced me. When can I try this flavor for myself?