12 DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas That Will Save You Money And Look Amazing

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Everyone knows that one of the best things about going to a wedding is the wedding photo booth. Sure, there's also the free booze and the delicious food, the dancing, being able to wear a pretty dress and look fabulous... oh yeah, and of course, watching two people you love celebrate their awesome love, which is obviously the whole point. But still — the photo booth is up there.

There is something that's just so much more fun about photos when they're taken in quick succession with some added props and maybe a cool background. Unfortunately, photo booths are also expensive, as most rentals cost a few hundred dollars. Weddings are pricey enough, and you've got to cut costs where you can — so who says you can't create your own DIY photo booth? Uh, no one. In fact, making your own photo booth will probably result in even better pictures because it will be totally unique.

How do you get started? Well, read this post, for one thing! These 12 DIY wedding photo booth ideas are all relatively simple and really cool. Check 'em out, put your own spin on things, and get ready to take some amazing pictures!

Image: Julie Pasley Photography

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