Rebecca Minkoff Brings Her Sample Sale Online

Fewer words in the English language are more magical than the following string of letters: sample sale. And now, the queen of breezy dresses and of course, statement bags (pretty sure the Mini Mac is as ubiquitous as Starbucks cafes in New York City) is opening her doors up to us: Rebecca Minkoff's sample sale is now available online until Monday, April 27.

The process of going to a sample sale is exhilarating. OK, so waiting in line for hours to get inside isn't exactly a walk in the park, but think of the clothes and purses. The purses and clothes. But when those doors open and I step inside, I temporarily black out. I'm in the zone, and in my element, and no one can get in my way. I'm thinking I'll have to start bringing my friends and a whistle for each of us, a là Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe dress shopping at Kleinman's.

This semi-annual event has items up to 70 percent off from ready-to-wear items, handbags, shoes, and accessories. 70 percent. With prices this low, I don't feel guilty for snagging a new top. Or two, or three, and maybe a bag in there too. It's treat yourself day (which is pretty much everyday for me).

So, without further ado, here are seven must-have items from the insane sample sale.

1. The Lexi Bucket, $190 from $375

The bucket bag practically blew up this year, and this bucket in a camel color, tassels, and chain-wrapped leather straps is about as beautiful as it can get.

2. The Julian Backpack with Fringe, $265 from $395

Backpacks aren't just for school kids—in a supple black leather and center zip detail, it's perfect for a grown up on the go.

3. Mini Quilted Affair in Burgundy, $130 from $195

Quilted leather just screams classic, and with the burgundy twist, it's the perfect bag for the classic-modern lover.

4. The Macy Oxford, $138 from $275

Half sandal, half oxford, this shoe was practically made for spring/summer. And in a fun metallic, it's a statement shoe that'll bring together any ensemble.

5. Fringe Tassel Necklace, $75 from $148

A little boho, a little chic, this necklace is probably #1 on my must buy list.

6. Warren Pouch, $100 from $150

This leather pouch adds a touch of menswear to any outfit, keeping your look polished and put together. Insert heart-eyed emoji.

7. Gene Romper, $148 from $298

I'm calling it now: blush pink is the new black. Or white. Basically, it's my new favorite neutral color that's beautifully feminine. Plus, if I could live in rompers, my mornings would be much easier.

Happy shopping, and do it quick, before I take it all.

Images: Rebecca Minkoff