Where To Buy 'Shark Tank's Noene Insoles So You Can Run Like An NFL Pro

When you go on a TV show like Shark Tank, you have to be prepared to impress the Sharks right out of the gate. Whether it's through the product, your sales, or the pitch itself, you have to know how to grab the Sharks' attention because they don't have time to mess around. So The entrepreneur going on Shark Tank to represent the company Noene USA, which makes the very unsexy product of high-tech foot insoles, is going to have to work extra-hard to get the sharks to bite. Now I'm not saying the product that Noene manufactures isn't important, because it is. We've only got two feet, you know. We best protect them.

However, no one wants to think about feet, and comfort never gets the same oohs and ahs as style. Noene better be offering up something truly revolutionary if the company hopes to snag an investment from one or more of the Sharks.

Neone Insoles, $30, Amazon

That being said, I could actually see many of the Sharks being interested in making a deal with Noene, because their passions and business portfolios seem to align with what the company is selling quite nicely. If Mark Cuban gets his Dallas Mavericks to endorse these insoles, he might be able to get them to fly off the shelves. These insoles also seem perfect for Lori Greiner to sell on QVC, because these are totally things you would buy in a daze at 4 a.m. Robert Herjavec, who seems to be one of the most active sharks, might just want to invest in Noene USA as a passion project.

At first glance, Noene seems pretty unassuming, but it just might run away with a deal after all. Here are six reasons why.

1. They're Not Like Other Insoles

Neone Insoles, $30, Amazon

Noene are not your grandmother's foot insoles (love you, Grandma!). Instead of walking past these insoles in the drug store, these high-tech insoles are sure to grab your attention. They are created out of a new, thin material that absorbs and distributes the shockwaves created when we move on our feet. Noene also fit into any kind of shoe, so whether you're running a marathon or just standing on the subway during your morning commute, they will help your feet feel fine.

2. They're Made In Switzerland

Watches. Chocolate. Cheese. Will Noene be able to join these as the next great product to come out of the European country? We'll have to wait and see if the sharks make a deal with Noene first, which may just be a feat greater than climbing the Alps.

3. Noene May Keep You From A World Of Pain

When your feet hit the ground, it usually doesn't feel like you're walking on a cloud, more like a rock. According to Noene's website, the shockwaves produced as you walk can harm your feet and ankles, all the way up to the base of your skull. Noene work to lessen the intensity of these shockwaves, which decreases your chance of injury because your joints won't suffer impact as greatly. If all of this checks out about Noene, you're all in all supposed to just feel more comfortable when you walk or do whatever else you do on your feet. Amen to that.

4. It Might Be A While Before You Can Noene It Up


Noene has an online store to purchase the foot insoles, which cost $29.99 for a pair. However, the entire stock is currently sold out on Noene's website, as of Wednesday night. Hopefully, the company fixes that soon, because Shark Tank fans are going to be clamoring to get their hands — er — feet on this product whether or not it snags a deal on the show. Lucky for them, it looks like you can get some different kinds of Noene insoles on Amazon and other online retailers if you can't wait for the official website to restock.

5. The Co-Owner Knows About The Importance Of Being Good On Your Feet

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Bryan Scott is the co-owner of Noene USA who will be pitching to the Sharks on Friday night's episode of Shark Tank. But he wasn't always an entrepreneur. Once upon a time, Scott played in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, and, most recently, the Buffalo Bills. He also owns a couple of TITLE Boxing Club franchises in Georgia, started an arts non-profit called the Bryan Scott "Pick Your Passion" Foundation for the Arts, and has released a single on iTunes called "Dedication." This is all impressive, but Scott is going to have a tough time convincing the Sharks that he's dedicated to making Noene a success with all of these other commitments competing for his attention.

6. Noene Still Has A Long Way To Go

Neone Insoles, $30, Amazon

It appears that Noene has already launched in Europe and now Scott is trying to make it a hit with Americans. In that regard, Noene seems like one of those companies that appears on Shark Tank right when it's getting off the ground. The Noene USA website is pretty sparse, and there's very little social media activity from the company. In fact, it looks like it created its Facebook and Twitter pages right around the time it was announced that the company would be appearing on Shark Tank.

The sharks might feel like it's too early to invest in Noene. But on the flip side, it's companies like Noene that benefit from a Shark Tank appearance most.

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