6 Majorly Inspiring New Fashion Bloggers To Follow

Spring’s finally here, and I’m just as bored with the clothes in my closet as I am with the current state of mainstream fashion blogging. In the process of looking around for inspiration over the past couple of months, I’ve found a lot of stylish new fashion bloggers (and, subsequently, new outfit ideas) that are blowing my mind with their creativity. These women use color, pattern, texture, and shape in fresh and unusual configurations that have given me energy to step up my style game — and just in time for warmer weather, too.

A lot of the blogs I’ve enjoyed most are written by plus size or body positive women, as I’m one myself and I like seeing other people’s creativity reflected in their own clothing choices. Being accepting of your body as it is makes for the best style, in my opinion, because it’s often more creative and always way more confident.

So with an eye to looks that you won’t see every day on most fashion websites, and an inclusiveness that says everybody should wear exactly what they want and that cool clothes belong on all kinds of bodies, here are five lesser-known fashion bloggers with fresh looks to try for spring.

1. LazyKat | Katia

Formerly known as Hey Dickface (a name I prefer, but I'm a gross person with the mind of a 12-year-old), LazyKat is run by Parisian Katia, who has the coolest chic French style. Her girly choices favor pastel colors, lots of trainers, rainbow hair, fuzzy textures, and always the cutest accessories.

My favorite outfits of Katia's ditch what's conventionally considered “flattering” for really expressive outfits that are fun and full of personality. Her eye for detail, in the form of accessories, jewelry, eyewear (she has an enviable sunglasses collection), and hair color always brings a lot of depth to her outfits.

Cropped wide-leg lilac trousers with trainers and a coordinating lilac motorcycle jacket? Not only is it possible, but it is amazing. A huge pink fuzzy sweater with room to spare? Katia shows that you can play with proportion, texture, and color, whatever your taste.

2. Girl with the Flower | Zoe

So, you think pastel hair dye is old news and soft colors are old hat? Allow me to change your point of view.

Enter the blog of Zoe, aka Girl with the Flower. Zoe is an artist and student from Nashville, and her outfits always include her signature handmade flower headbands. Her makeup adventurousness is super cool, too – she's sported glitter and all kinds of colors on her eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Alongside are pieces from her wild and colorful jewelry collection, often all piled together for contrast and impact.

Zoe's inimitable style is maximalist in the best way possible. There are no two colors that don't belong together. Floral hangs with glitter which hangs with faux fur. Designer, thrifted, handmade, and vintage all go together.

Are glittery eyebrows too much with a sequined dress? Not a chance. Thanks to Zoe, I’ve also seen the chic possibilities of pairing oversized round sunglasses with turquoise lipstick and an orange floral crown. You definitely don’t have to take it as far as she does, but Girl with the Flower shows that maximalism and style adventurousness are great inspirations for warm weather… confidence being the greatest.

3. Eat. Style. Play. | Elle

Eat Style Play blogger Elle's looks are good news for those of who are still very committed to wearing black when it’s warm, but who still want to look interesting. Jumpsuit, leather jacket, and devil-horned clutch? Black, yes, but not basic. Badass square sunglasses aren’t required, but they’re strongly recommended.

D.C.-based Elle's style exudes an appealing effortless and effortlessly cool vibe. Lots of her outfits feature denim, and she always has the most fabulous shoes.

Ripped jeans alongside lace-up ballet flats is a classic, yet far from boring, combination that deserves revisiting. And Elle’s floral skirt with cropped t-shirt and pink shoes showcase body positive, unexpected fashion at its most fun. I'm definitely going to be adding some crop tops to my rotation this summer.

(Oh, and by the way, that "Eat" in her blog title is no joke – Elle's food photography and recipes are as tempting as her wardrobe.)

4. Does It Come in Black? | Margot

Margot is Canadian, like me, and wears a lot of black clothing, also like me. But when she doesn’t wear black, whoa... she repeatedly kills it with the sophisticated color palettes and perfectly contrasting jewelry. And then there’s her incredible hair color, adding another layer of interest on top of her many fresh styling choices.

Margot’s goth and punk-influenced style is amazing inspiration for us self-styled alternative types (I include myself!) who like to dye our hair weird colors and wish we’d stepped out of London in 1982 instead of Canada in 2015. I mean, I love when you can tell — or at least guess — the music someone likes just by their clothes.

A heavy wool plaid scarf becomes a shawl to accompany a wine-colored velvet skirt and matching crop top. A short black lace dress is given dimension and creativity with a black hat very much like one you might have found on Boy George’s head in the ‘80s.

If you’re inspired by something, incorporate it into how you dress. References apply in style as well as everything else, and they make your look individual and memorable.

5. Rozel Styles | Rozel

Rozel is a cosmetologist and stylist from Oakland, and her creativity and understanding of color and prints really shows in her outfits. Her favored palettes run more toward jewel tones than brights or pastels, and I love her ever-present chunky footwear. Ro’s unusual bags, jewelry, and constantly-changing hair are subtle but important parts of her outfits.

See that outfit above? That’s not a dress. That’s a skirt and blouse. In my books it’s a pretty cool move to wear both matching pieces together like Ro does, and she pulls it off well. Her love of head to toe patterns is also reflected in that burgundy and purple paisley’d jumpsuit, this time accentuated with a wide belt in tones of yellow and brown.

Prints are always fun, and they don’t have to be a particular size, shape or style. If it appeals, try a whole bunch of them and see what feels best. Spring is a perfect time to try new things.

6. Avant Blargh | Bianca

For the tomboys among us, there's Chicagoan Bianca's blog, featuring lots of blazers, trousers, and loafers. It's an androgyne's dream.

Bianca is an illustrator, and her sense of line and eye for pattern and graphic combinations is evident in her outfit posts. Think two kinds of black and white checkered patterns can't go together? Think again.

Her more feminine outfits are equally fun, with lots of pattern, detail, and color. You can see her unique take on the floral crown and on pastel hair. Even sweatpants are a go, styled with a biker jacket and printed shirt.

So try something different this spring. The moral of this story is that as long as you love it, anything goes with anything else. Have fun!

Images: Courtesy LazyKat; Girl with the Flower; Eat Style Play; Margot Meanie; Rozel Styles; Avant Blargh