17 Arlington, Virginia Street Style Photos That Show How Its Citizens Make Business Professional Cool

Arlington, Virginia is not only my hometown but, according to NerdWallet, one of the best places for recent college grads to find jobs. That may not sound like the sexiest claim to fame, but promising employment means Arlington, Virginia's street style is perfect for biz pro people-watching.

U.S. Census stats indicate that Arlington has one of the highest median family incomes in America, as well as the highest concentration of 25-to-34-year-olds in the Washington, D.C. area. And that's not going to change. MarketWatch reports that Arlington has one of the fastest-growing Millennial populations in the country. What the numbers don't say but what we all know is that money and youth are boons to the hegemonic fashion sphere.

After hours, Arlingtonians seek balance for working hard. With restaurant and retail-heavy neighborhoods like Ballston, Clarendon, and Shirlington, Arlington is one of the prime spots to live and play for young, rich, and educated Washingtonians. In terms of its scene? Think prep. Despite what RealtyTrac saying about Arlington having two out of the top 25 zip codes for hipsters, this is not where hipsters (usually) come to play. Arlington's party scene is yuppie all the way. Are there fashion deviants? Of course — and funky fresh style always stands out. But, in Arlington, the street style norm, is polished and tailored, maybe with a hint of international flair (this is the capital region, after all.)

These styling ladies and gentlemen were spotted near the Ballston and Clarendon Metro stops, many of whom were scrambling home or to the bar after work.

Abbey and Benjy

Talk about coordination.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Mariela, property assistant

Pops of color make biz pro more exciting.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Galina, design manager

I always approve of leather in the office.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Nijean, retail associate

Sometimes, one cool accessory is all you need.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Nijean, retail associate (detail)

See what I mean?

Image: Helen Stoddard

Sarah, proposal writer

Layers are key for going out after work.

Image: Christine Stoddard

Chuckes, financier

Gray on gray on gray.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Sarah, architectural historian

Sarah’s vintage-inspired heels are fantastic.

Image: Christine Stoddard

Brendan and Gerald

Who says graphic tees can’t work for the office?

Image: Helen Stoddard

Brendan and Gerald (detail)

Especially when paired with dip-dyed strands.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Monica, law student

Polka dots are still having a major moment.

Image: Christine Stoddard


Even from afar, you can tell Rob’s outfit is cool.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Rob (detail)

Up close, it’s even cooler.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Catherine, career consultant

Praise the fashion powers that ’70s flares are back.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Marcus, associate manager

You can never go wrong with a good set of stripes.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Brittany and baby

The ultimate test of a stylish city? If the babies have sweet shoes.

Image: Helen Stoddard

Brittany and baby (detail)


Image: Helen Stoddard