6 'Empire' Storylines For Jamal To Sing About, Because Season 1 Gave Him Plenty Of Material

Aside from his father being in prison and his family secretly plotting against him to take back Empire Entertainment, Jamal's life on Fox's monster hit series Empire isn't looking so bad right now. He has control of the company, he's out and proud, he's dating a smoking hot videographer, and he's got some of the most popular songs on the charts at the moment. Considering how he began when the series premiered, this is a massive step in the right direction. Sure, when he was down and out, he made some of the best music of his life, but just because someone is in a better place doesn't mean they can't still be an artist, right? Just in case Jamal still needs some musical inspiration, I have a few ideas for things Jamal could sing about on Empire Season 2 that could easily provide enough material for some great singles, and maybe even a whole album.

Jamal's life on the show has been a constant roller coaster of good and bad moments. He came out as gay, but then his father hated him. Then he got the company and love from his dad, but Lucious went to prison. He found out he had a daughter, but then discovered Lucious is actually the child's father. Seriously, most of his music probably comes from Lucious Lyon being such a terrible human being. Here are some song topics Jamal should consider when Empirereturns.

1. His Father's "Unfair" Arrest

Jamal may not realize yet that his father actually did kill Bunkie, so for now, he can sing about how unfair it is that the cops locked him up.

2. Getting His Father's Love Again

Empire on YouTube

Happy songs about family can make great hits. Empire even has one with "You're So Beautiful."

3. Coming Out To The World & Dealing With The Haters

Empire on YouTube

Remember this song Jamal sang at that rap battle? I want to hear that all the way through. Don't you? "Conquerer" could be taken as quite the anthem as well.

4. His Relationship With His Mother

Being the son of Cookie Lyon is material enough for a song. But considering Jamal's family loyalties have changed so quickly, it might be interesting to hear a song about how he feels about his mom now that she's on the opposing side and, in Jamal's eyes, betrayed his father.

5. His Brother's Psychological Battles

Talking about Andre's bipolar disorder with the world is something only Andre can do, so Jamal definitely shouldn't give out all the personal details about the matter in his music. But Jamal can still sing about his love for his brother and worrying about his family, without letting listeners know exactly what he's talking about.

6. Finding Out Lucious Is Lola's Father

Empire on YouTube

I know Jamal and Lucious are currently on good terms (which is still weird to me considering how badly Lucious treated Jamal for so long and how he currently treats the rest of his family. Wouldn't Jamal have something to say about that?).

But has Jamal really had the time to confront his feelings about what happened with Olivia's daughter Lola? Did he really get the chance to mourn his almost baby girl? I felt like the storyline glossed over these issues really quickly just to sprint to the finale's major twists and cliffhangers. Singing a song about it would make Jamal feel more in touch with his emotions over the incident, especially if he finds out Lucious did kill Bunkie and feels hurt by his father once again.

Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX