McDonald's Chic? That's A Thing In Paris

Fast fashion has a new counterpart. Paris-based retailer Colette will sell a capsule collection of McDonald's-themed clothes and accessories. So, in essence, fast fashion has become fast food fashion!

According to WWD, the Colette x McDonald's collection will be comprised of t-shirts, totes, and even iPhone cases, so it's everyday, casual pieces, not anything fancy or, like, couture. The items will boast images of beloved Mickey D's items, like Big Macs, the signature French fries, and more. The graphics were used last year in a McDonald's poster campaign in France.

Judging from the photo I've seen, the images look like pixelated graphic tees, so there is an element of fashion-ness to the clothes. It's not like someone shot a pic of a Big Mac and slapped it on a slub tee. You have to focus your eye on the image and it might take a sec for it to come in to focus and for you to realize it's fries and go running for the ketchup.

The Mickey D's pieces will be limited edition and available from May 4 through May 31 at the Colette store in Paris.

Who doesn't love noshing on delish McDonald's fries every now and again for a quick and delish fix? You can't eat apples and kale all the time, after all. But wearing them on a t-shirt? That's some serious fast food passion.

The trend is a tiny bit confusing, like when Taylor Swift was vilified for teaming up with Diet Coke, since critics felt that the singer promoting a soft drink sent the wrong message to her very attentive fans and encouraged them to make less-than-healthy beverage choices.

Fast food has its own set of critics and I am sure there will be a faction of fashionistas that consider this collab to be encouraging people to eat processed food.

That said, fast food is a profitable part of culture, especially in America, so it's sorta ironic that the clothes are being sold abroad and not here, as McDonald's is an American brand.

I think that I'd wear fast food fashion, though. These five chains needs to hop on this trend and here's how.

1. Wendy's

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The cute, pigtailed redhead from the burger chain is adorbs. I'd wear a shirt with a vintage Wendy on the front or even one that showed the evolution of Wendy. Or how about an age-enhanced, adult version of Wendy? See, there are options! I'd even wear a shirt featuring the signature Frosty, which is that impossibly thick and creamy shake.

2. In-N-Out Burger

Mel Bouzad/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The West Coast chain has awesome fries and a recognizable but logo but that's so zzzz. Since the burger joint has a cool, throwback vibe, the uniformed staffers, with their smiles and their burger maker hats, belong on a tee in caricature form.

3. Burger King


I don't need to have the king of the burgers himself on my shirt. I could see any of my dude friends wearing a shirt with a juicy, big ol' Whopper, since it's the chain's signature sandwich.

4. A French Fries Onesie

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Wouldn't a onesie decorated with golden fries be so fun to sleep in? I bet Miley Cyrus would rock that, especially when developing a case of the munchies after indulging in some green stuff, as she is known to do.

5. Friendly's

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ice cream! Friendly's has been closing stores due to financial issues, but their signature Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae and the Fribble are certainly worthy of their own shirts.

Fast food fashion can be fun and silly, without any seriousness. You can wear the gear with or without eating at any of these chains on a daily basis.

Images: Getty (5); McDonald's/Colette (1)