7 Reasons Sandra Bullock Has Always Been Beautiful

by Jennifer Still

Guys, can we just take a few minutes to talk about Sandra Bullock? I mean, talk about an understated BO$$. She's talented, hilarious, graceful — oh yeah, and Bullock is People's World's Most Beautiful Woman in 2015, a title I don't think anyone is going to argue with. The entertainment magazine chose Bullock out of every woman in Hollywood to lead this year's edition of the list, which, yeah, sounds pretty superficial and all, but it's still worth noting. Thankfully, Bullock doesn't take any of it too seriously — in fact, she said she hasn't told anyone about the honor. But, hey, why shouldn't Bullock be celebrated for all the things that make her beautiful, not just physically but on the inside, as well?

Throughout her more than 20 year career, Bullock has racked up an impressive 51 acting roles, 14 producing credits, and even a directing and writing notch to her belt. Pretty impressive by any standards. But perhaps more impressive is the incredible grace and humility she's maintained through the years, regardless of what difficulties she's facing at any given times (and trust me — homegirl has been through it). That's a rarity in Hollywood, and one of the things that makes her most beautiful of all. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that we should be paying more attention to Sandra Bullock.

Here are 7 reasons Bullock has always been the world's most beautiful person.

1. She Can Carry An Entire Movie All By Herself

If you've seen Gravity, you'll know by now that Bullock is more than a comedienne. The 2013 drama featured intense, lengthy scenes starring no one but Bullock. Sure, it was nice to see George Clooney every once in a while, but it's Bullock that carried the movie and made it what it was. Not just any actress could do that.

2. She Gave Britney And Madonna a Run For Their Money

Do you remember Bullock's kiss with Scarlett Johansson at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards? Of course you do, because it was amazing, unexpected, fun, and WAY hotter than the Britney/Madonna one. Sorry, I'm just telling the truth!

3. She Doesn't Care What Anyone Thinks

Bullock has been through some crap over the past five or so years. Case in point: Her husband cheated on her pretty soon after she adopted her son Louis, and, while most stars would feel the need to speak out and either badmouth the cheater or set the record straight on false reports, Bullock kept quiet, let people think what they wanted to think, and just got on with her life. Ugh, I love her so much.

4. She's Absolutely Hilarious

Over the years, Bullock has carved out a niche as an amazing comedic actress, and for good reason. She's so funny, guys! From Miss Congeniality to The Heat, she has a natural charm and effortless wit that makes any movie she's in that much better.

5. She's a Great Mom

I mean, look at that picture. Since adopting Louis five years ago, Bullock has made no secret of sharing her love of motherhood and of raising her little boy as best as she can. Despite her big Hollywood career, her son remains her first priority, which is really heartwarming to see.

6. She's Not Afraid to Make a Fool of Herself

Part of what makes her so funny is Bullock's fearlessness when it comes to comedy. She's not afraid to embarrass herself or be silly in order to get the laughs, and it always works, 100 percent.

7. She's Fiercely Independent

While Bullock has dated her share of Hollywood men, and was even married for five years to Jesse James, she quickly puts the brakes on relationships that are no longer good for her without hesitation. She attributes this largely to the way she was brought up, once revealing that her mother raised her never to be dependent on a man for anything. Self-respect is an amazing thing, and young girls everywhere should take note.

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