Grapefruit Oil Benefits For Skin & Hair That'll Get Your Beauty Routine Prepped For Summertime

Lately, after a lifetime of questionable smoking/drinking habits, I've become obsessed with eating grapefruits and other vitamin C-packed citrus to keep me healthy. This spiraled into me "dying" to learn more about the grapefruit benefits for my skin and hair, plus how I could work the yummy smelly fruits into my natural beauty routine. Soon, I was so wrapped up in making grapefruit facial scrubs and grapefruit hair tonics that I was barely embarrassed about the path that had lead me down this road to citrusy obsession. Grapefruits are delicious and great for our aesthetic needs — but their benefits are more than skin deep.

Although the fruit itself can be a warrior for your beauty routine, the essential oil is especially full of natural goodness. Grapefruit essential oil is extracted through cold compressing the rind. Besides the obviously source of vitamins A and C, grapefruit has natural benefits that can help all skin types; skincare is just one of the reasons it's known of as the fruit of paradise. Grapefruit is rich in potassium, fiber, and antioxidants which together help treat pigmentation issues, wrinkles, and age spots. According to sources at Stylecraze, grapefruit can reverse damaged skin cells and provide UV protection, this is one fruit you want to run towards as the sun starts to shine daily.

Speaking of shine, grapefruit is excellent at adding shine to hair without an oily build-up while stimulating hair follicles. According to sources at New Beauty, the antiseptic and astringent properties of grapefruit are beneficial to oily scalps, oily complexions, and clogged pores.

In addition to all that goodness, this essential oil is used to lift moods and stimulate our energy level. Yes, eating a grapefruit can help your hangover and the essential oil can help you look hangover-free. Try these grapefruit recipes below to bring some paradise into your beauty routine.

Hair Tonic

I'm all about touch-ups throughout the day. This hair tonic will keep your hair smelling fresh, keep it frizz-free, and reduce the appearance of oily residue from those nasty free radicals of the world. In a tinted spray bottle, use equal parts of aloe vera juice and vodka, then add about 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil. Fill the remaining empty space with filtered water and shake your tonic like you've never shaken before. Use throughout the day and store in a cool, dark place, like your purse.

Regenerating Salt Scrub

Like everyone trapped in turtlenecks and sweater dresses all winter, I'm anxious to go backless. Who knows what the hell was going on back there this winter because I've got a few dark spots and pimples that are just waiting to be exfoliated. Use one cup of salt scrub, two tablespoons of raw honey, one tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil, 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil, 10 drops of geranium, and 10 drops of bergamot essential oils. Stir or blend your scrub until all the ingredients are happily married together.

Image: Dan Zen, lee/Flickr; Kristin Collins Jackson; Giphy