The Most '90s Photos Of Hillary Clinton Ever Taken Are Even Better Than Slap Bracelets

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I hardly remember life before Hillary Clinton. Well, mostly because that would have been the '80s, and I was a chubby blob who couldn't read for most of that decade. Hillary came into my life during my favorite decade (so far), the '90s, a period of time I get so nostalgic for sometimes, it makes me want to cry and put on Des'ree's "You Gotta Be" to make myself feel better. So when I think back on Hillary Clinton's '90s days as a first lady, I can't help but think of fond memories of Skip-It. They just go hand in hand for me.

Back in the '90s, Hillary was the O.G. ride or die chick. Though I was a bit too young to fully appreciate her, I do remember thinking about the whole Lewinsky thing, "If my husband did that to me, I'd punch him in the head." Watching this regal-looking woman maintain her composure through the whole ordeal blew my young mind.

If I had known about all of Hillary's other accomplishments beside that, like leading the Task Force on National Health Care Reform, her creation of the Office on Violence Against Women, and her famous women's rights speech in Beijing, I probably would have modeled my entire life after her.

But before she became one of the most competent and influential first ladies in U.S. history, and way before she became the presumed Democratic candidate for the next president of the United States, she was a '90s girl like the rest of us (or perhaps our moms). With her boxy shoulders, sky-high helmet bob, and bold red lipstick, she was like a knight in '90s armor. Let's take a trip through the best decade ever and marvel at these pictures of Hillary Clinton looking extremely '90s.

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