Terry Crews Channels Run D.M.C. For 'Lip Sync Battle' & Here Are The 8 Best Moments From His Performance — VIDEO

Guys, let's just level with each other. Lip Sync Battle is the best thing on TV right now, right? I mean, is there actually anything better than celebrities getting down and dirty with ridiculously over-the-top performances of some of our most beloved songs? I'm going to say no. Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway did it, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Did it, The Rock did it... and now Terry Crews from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the most under-appreciated comedic geniuses of our time, has done it. And oh man, it's amazing.

One of the things Crews is great at is making everyone else even funnier than they already are. While he's been in nearly 70 movies and TV shows (and all of them have been great), his Lip Sync Battle performance of Run D.M.C.'s "Sucker MC's" against Mike Tyson — the full episode of which will air on Thursday, April 23 — is perhaps his best role yet. It's fierce, it's fabulous, and it's impressively convincing.

Here are the seven best moments from Crews' performance we've seen so far, complete with butt slaps, sassy hands and a whole lot more. Enjoy — though if you're a human being with a pulse, you obviously will.

1. When He throws in a Little Hip Gyration

He's off to a strong start with this one. A little hip action (complete with a hand out in front of him, as if to keep his balance from all that FIERCE GYRATION) never goes awry, and it's encouraging to see him start off on such a high note.

2. When He Works the Crowd

If you want to pull off a stellar performance, you've gotta get the audience involved. Crews wastes no time in doing just that, and it seems to work. Look at those hands waving in the air like they just don't care! We're on board!

3. When Chrissy Teigen Gets Really Into It

Teigen may just be the house DJ, but she's also a good measure of how the stars' performances are going. If you win her over, you're in business. She looks like she's feeling it. Teigen and the crowd on your side? Things are looking up!

4. When He Makes These Sassy Hand Movements

If you're putting your foot down, there's no better way to show that you're serious than to start gesticulating with your hands. The sass factor here in through the roof.

5. When He Breaks it Down With Some Dance Moves

Uh oh, watch out! Crews is showing how multi-talented he is. He can lip sync AND dance? Alright already, you win!

6. When He Gets All Serious

I'm scared. Should I be? I'm not sure, but I am. Crews is telling us that he means what he says and he's taking no prisoners. He's in this thing to win it, and I believe him.

7. When He Rubs His Butt

Cherry on top. There is no beating this move, so I don't think anyone should try. Your move, Tyson.

Watch the preview of Terry Crews' performance on Lip Sync Battle below.

Images: Spike (8)