The 'Fresh Prince's Will & Ashley Were The Cutest

As Will Smith tells us in the super famous theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a Philadelphia playground is where he (the character, not the actor) spent most of his days. While watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I looked forward to seeing Jazz thrown out, seeing Carlton do his famous dance and rolling my eyes at Hilary’s superficial, ridiculously snobbish attitude while secretly wishing I could accompany her on just one of her shopping sprees. But the one thing that really stood out for me was the absolutely adorable relationship Will shared with his younger cousin Ashley.

Thinking back on how I grew up, I can't recall spending most of my days in one particular spot (other than school) but I do remember that my evenings were mostly spent in front of a TV watching my favorite shows, and, of course, keeping up with the Fresh Prince’s latest comedic hijinks remained high on my TV viewing priority list. Will was without a doubt, a goofy troublemaker, but he willingly took on the role of a big brother to Ashley rather than an older cousin. Even though he embarrassed her on more than one occasion, I couldn't help but sigh out loud and clutch my chest at seeing how Will repeatedly protected Ashley and generally looked out for her best interest.

Here are nine times Will and Ashley were the cutest ever on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

When Will Hired Jazz As Ashley's Drum Teacher

I mean, could there have been a more adorable cousin-to-cousin gesture?

The Time He Secretly Shadow-Danced Her

Will had Ashley's moves down pat. The only thing that would've made this moment cuter was if they both wore matching nightgowns. Or maybe not.

When Will Taught Ashley How To Stand Up To A Bully

It's as simple as telling a bully to "Back up!" and "Mind ya bizness."

The Time They Had the Sex Talk

This was one of many times Ashley sought Will's advice, but clearly he was too squeamish to deal with the responsibility.

He Beatboxed an Apology Using a Puppet

It didn't work on Ashley, but it was still an adorable way of saying "I'm sorry."

The Time He Busted Her Sneaking In The House

From Will giving Ashley advice on how to slip into the house without Uncle Phil noticing to giving her the classic "boys are bad" speech, this was one of their cutest moments ever.

The Time They Shopped For Christmas Decorations

Will swooped in to save the holidays and to keep Ashley from morphing into a mini-Scrooge.

The Time Will Helped Ashley Launch Her Her Singing Career

Will doubled as Ashley's manager and a background dancer, even though Carlton's moves nearly stole the show.

The Time Will Posed As Ashley's Father

Only the sweetest guy would pose as his cousin's father to help her enroll in public school, but, unfortunately, Will's charming antics proved to be a total disaster.

Image: NBC