Kim Kardashian Is Taking Kanye West's Name, But What Does It Mean For The Kardashians?!

Another day, another possible hypothetical future development in the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West Marriage Extravaganza. Because West was on On Air With Ryan Seacrest this morning, and he confirmed that Kardashian will be taking his name upon their most holy of unions.

That's right: Kim Kardashian, the first Kardashian to make the world pay attention to the name Kardashian — aside from her father, but really, murder trial is such a different brand of Kardashian fame — will no longer be a Kardashian.

At first we were all, "But what will Momma Bear Kris Jenner think about all this?! Her brand is tarnished!" But then we realized that Kris Jenner's last name isn't even Kardashian anymore, and that Kim Kardashian will probably continue to Kardashian until she can physically Kardashian no more.

And it makes sense; if West and Kardashian's plan is to morph into one enormous blob of nebulous superego upon matrimony, maybe sharing a name will serve that.

Another little tidbit West dropped about him and his future Mrs. West? Apparently (spoiler alert?!) Barbara Walters is sniffing around the couple, calling them at all hours of the night — or at least, you know, once — about being on her Most Fascinating People list. The Kardashians as a family have been on the list before, as has West. But like we said: Blob of nebulous superego. It's powerful stuff.