Uniqlo is Launching a Footwear Line

by Rosie Narasaki

Though it's only recently come stateside, Uniqlo's very quickly become a real destination for wardrobe staples — and now, they're truly a one-stop shop, because get this: Uniqlo sells shoes now. Yep, your favorite fast-fashion stop for basics is branching into footwear: Hot off the heels of the annoucement of their ultra high-profile collaboration with Harper's Bazaar global fashion director Carine Roitfeld, they dropped another fashion news-bomb — they're finally going to be selling shoes!

Right now, they're only selling two models: According to WWD, they're retailing a slip-on shoe, as well as a lace-up shoe (both fetchingly made from canvas), and each one comes in five color variations — because it wouldn't be Uniqlo without some great color options, right? They've got a basic and practical Keds/Vans-esque look to them, which is perfect for Uniqlo's simple aesthetic.

The new shoes have already launched in US, China, and South Korea's shops, and they're set to be released in Japan on April 27th, and in France on June 7th — and true to Uniqlo form, they'll be very affordable (the men's shoes, already available on the Uniqlo website, retail for $34.90 a pair, and WWD reports that the women's shoes will go for $25 a pair). Let's take a look:

The Lace-Ups

The Slip-Ons

What do you think? They're a perfect match to go with your polka-dotted silk shirt, modal pencil skirt, and HeatTech leggings, right? Besides, these two varieties of shoe are just the beginning — I'm willing to bet that someday, Uniqlo will carry everything from the above colorful canvas sneakers to strappy sandals and and printed pumps.

Images: Uniqlo