'KUWTK' Shows Kris Jenner In A Scary Situation

I'll admit it, I keep up with the Kardashians. How could you not? I sit down for 15 minutes during a marathon, and before I know it, the seasons have changed, my roots have grown in, and Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again. It's not all fun and games, though, because sometimes KUWTK deals with serious stuff, like Kris Jenner's alleged stalker. Yep, you read that right. KJ is dealing with a very scary situation on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So you might be wondering, since KUWTK was filmed months ago, what's happening now?

The Kardashians have become such a popular name in television/global news that sadly, the possibility of someone forming an unhealthy obsession with some of the family members isn't very surprising. And I'm not talking "I'm so obsessed with Kim K., I like and comment 'first comment' on all of her Instagram photos." That's just being a fan — albeit, a huge fan. The KUWTK previews are presenting this person as someone who is actually looking to manipulate and extort Kris out of money with threats and theft. Like I said, scary stuff. Here's what you need to know about this worrying situation.

The Stalking

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According to previews of KUWTK , Kris gets a call from someone saying that the person who allegedly hacked her iPhone, iCloud is claiming that they also have video footage of her nude, changing in her closet, which contains a camera. The supposed blackmailer is allegedly extorting Kris for money in exchange for the video of her changing. Kris is so freaked out by this information that she hires two security guards for her property and gets bullets for her gun, so she will have a way to protect herself if something were to arise.

Then The Feds Get Involved

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In September of 2014, KJ's alleged stalker, Christina Bankston, was raided by the FBI. TMZ claims the FBI confiscated her electronics, which could potentially implicate her in hacking into Kris' computer accounts. Bankston was supposedly targeted by the FBI for making threats against Kris and calling her 300 times a day. TMZ also reported on a chilling video of Bankston screaming "I love you, Kris," while riding a roller coaster.


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There aren't many reports on Bankston's whereabouts after the initial FBI report about confiscating her electronics from a Beverly Hills hotel. However, Bankston spoke with RadarOnline and claimed that she is innocent, and had let someone else use her computer when the alleged incidents took place. "He named himself as Troy Leatherby, and we met on a Craigslist-like website. We quickly became friends," Bankston said. "He said he knew Kris and had all her contact info and said he used to work for her. They were friends and fell out."

In regards to the roller coaster video, Bankston said she "was only screaming Kris’ name because it was a dare from Troy." She also claims that Troy is using a fake name, she doesn't recognize the person shown in news reports, and that she does not know his real identity. "The guy I know as Troy Leatherby doesn’t look like that…The hacker pictured is not the guy I had befriended," she said.

The most important thing is that Kris' privacy remains intact and her personal belongings remain her personal belongings.

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