After Sandy, the Jersey Shore Slowly Rebuilds: A Photo Essay

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One year later after Superstorm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore head-on, people are still trying to pick up the pieces. Seventy-one people in New Jersey died because of the storm, thousands lost their homes or were flooded out, and the region’s landscape was forever altered.

Most people outside of the Jersey Shore only know about the area based on the MTV reality show of the same name. Snooki and the gang lived in Seaside Heights, a destination for its many bars and one-of-a-kind amusement park. After Sandy, the Casino Pier amusement park became a symbol of the storm’s wrath, as people were amazed to see its roller coaster floating in the ocean as the rest of the pier was chewed away.

There’s no doubt that the state’s $40 billion dollar tourism industry has suffered in the year since Sandy. A poll in September showed that 40 percent of beach-goers spent less time at the Shore than usual, based on a perception that the entire coast was swept away.

In remembrance of the storm’s aftermath, Gov. Chris Christie is making the rounds today to visit a few hard-hit areas, including the tiny fishing town Union Beach. Located on the coast’s Bayshore region, it sustained immense damage and still struggles to rebuild. A “Light the Shore” vigil is also planned for 7:45 p.m. along the New Jersey and New York coasts, where people will hold flashlights up for 15 minutes to honor the victims. Click on to see images of the Jersey Shore, one year after Sandy.

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