Why Did Kanye West's Tweets About TIDAL Disappear? These Theories Could Give Us An Explanation — UPDATE

Did TIDAL just get slammed by yet another wave? Recently, Jay Z’s streaming service replaced its CEO and earned a rather lackluster standing in Apple’s App Store. Now, it appears that yet another ominous swell just occurred: according to Complex, Kanye West deleted every TIDAL tweet from his Twitter feed. Although this suggests some trouble is stirring between the two, there’s no way a beef can be established between West and TIDAL just yet — at least not until an official statement is released, and certainly not from whatever information people think they can glean from a few vanished tweets.

(Update: On April 23, West added a new tweet about TIDAL which reads, "The love of music is louder than words. TIDAL.COM)

At this point, West erasing his tweets could simply be a result of some basic boardroom banter, or a misstep on behalf of the marketing department. But why go with those sleep-inducing theories when it’s much easier and more entertaining to imagine some behind-the-scenes drama that had Yeezy fourfiveseconds from wildin’? I mean, the last thing I’d accuse Kanye West him of is being boring. Therefore, I’m going to assume that the case of Yeezy’s missing TIDAL tweets didn’t go down without a fight.

Here are five theories on what could’ve prompted West’s TIDAL tweet-and-delete:

He's Mad at Jay Z

Rumors of a West and Jay Z feud have been around for quite some time now. Although West slammed rumors of a TIDAL-Illuminati connection (yes, someone actually believed that) his tweets could definitely be perceived as a social media temper tantrum, directed towards his pal Jay Z.

He's Angry That His Music Isn't Dominating TIDAL

Sorry, Kanye. The "i" in TIDAL does not mean all you, all day.

Jay Z Declined Kim Kardashian's Bid To Join TIDAL

Ouch. She might want to find somewhere else to relaunch her music career.

He Finally Realizes Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Maybe this situation is similar to the rapper’s infamous rants... only in reverse. Instead of another bout of word vomit, he simply got rid of his words, realizing that for once, his actions would speak louder way louder than anything he could possibly say.

North Got Took Her Dad's Phone

Kanye, this will teach you to leave your phone lying around such a clever little girl, especially while your Twitter app's running. Kids delete the darnedest tweets.

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