Bryan Cranston Is a Manly Man

Who cares where these pictures came from? (Aaron Paul's Instagram.) Who cares where they were taken? (The set of Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico.) Who cares why they exist? (Because, sometimes, life is good.) The only important thing here is that pictures of Bryan Cranston wearing all pink and hugging a teddy bear are a real thing, and we can all look at them right here. Like, I do not know what I did in my life to deserve such a wonderful gift, but I can pretty much die happy now.

It's probably worth noting that the teddy bear in question is actually the one we saw floating in the White's family pool multiple times during Season 2's excellent plane crash foreshadowing, and that he was somehow able to find a sweater and a tote bag to match the exact color of that teddy bear. There are fashionistas who wouldn't be able to achieve such a feat, so due kudos must be given.

Making this whole thing even sweeter/sadder, when Aaron Paul posted this picture to his Instagram last night, he captioned it with one simple sentence: "I miss this man." Ugh. We miss him too, Aaron. We miss him too.