Margaery Tyrell & Tommen Baratheon Age Difference: How Many Years Apart Are The 'Game Of Thrones' Couple?

He might be younger, but thank the old gods and the new that Game of Thrones' Margaery Tyrell didn't have to bed Tommen Baratheon's older brother Joffrey while he was alive. In a beautifully prolonged exit, Joffrey was poisoned and died during his wedding ceremony feast, leaving King's Landing's new queen Margaery without a king. Enter Tommen, the teeny toe-headed little brother to take Joffrey's place as the man to help Margaery conceive children. But what's the age difference between matured Margaery and pubescent Tommen? Doesn't Kings Landing have like, statutory rape laws or something? Apparently not. Because like most marriages in the seven kingdoms, this one is entirely political.

Interestingly enough, these two characters' ages actually affect the Fire and Ice screen adaptation in ways you might not anticipate. The show is filmed in exotic locations around the world, but in Ireland, where a good chunk of the HBO series is shot, the broadcasting decency laws set the age of consent at 16, not for the actor portraying a character, but for the character himself. Luckily, the main children were aged up for the TV series at least a couple of years. This worked out swimmingly for Tommen, who was granted the largest leap in age out of all the kiddos. When the books started, he was a wee 6 years old. But on the show, his starting age was 10. Now, he's around 13 or 14. The actor who plays him, Dean-Charles Chapman is 17.

In the books, Margaery's starting age is 16. Her age on the show, currently, is probably around 21 or 22 — though it's unclear. Apparently, Game of Thrones creators were so impressed with Natalie Dormer’s portrayal they decided to up her age in order to cast the actress, who should be just 18 on the show. This makes their characters' age differences about 8 years — give or take a year or two.

Natalie Dormer is 32-years-old in real life, making her kissing scenes with Tommen all the more unsavory. And after Sunday's episode and a forthcoming marriage, we know kissing is just the tip of the ice berg for these lovebirds.

Images: HBO