Julianne Hough Is Back To Blonde

Good dye jobs never last, from Kim Kardashian's platinum blonde to Hilary Duff's mermaid blue tresses, but it's not hard to be brave with your hair if you have a team of stylists able to change it back at the bat of an eye. Julianne Hough changed her pink hair back to blonde, only proving that no 'do is permanent in Hollywood.

Hough had been rocking a hair hue pinker than a My Little Pony lately, but apparently it wasn't meant to last. According to PEOPLE, Hough's makeup artist had been hinting at their breakup with "anime pink" and their to move on to blonde (again). Why? Because bright hues are high maintenance. Hough's hairstylist, Riawna Capri, admitted to having to add a temporary dye and “chalking it up” often, in an attempt to keep Hough's color fresh and bright pink.

Sure enough, Hough was back to blonde at Dancing With the Stars' 10th Anniversary Party hosted by PEOPLE on Tuesday night. She totally owned it by wearing a strapless, deep navy sweetheart-neck gown and a sparkling diamond statement necklace.

“I love to experiment with my looks by way of beauty products, styling tools and sometimes even taking things a step further,” Hough wrote on her website when she went pink. “Remember last year when I chopped off all my hair? It was a big, bold move but it was so worth it! It felt liberating not to hide behind all that hair."

While I love a good hair makeover and thought the pink was gorgeous, I have to admit, the blonde is better, IMHO.