Swimsuitsforall Launches Eco-Friendly Curvy Line

A swimwear line is finally doing what we've all been waiting for: making eco-conscious, curve-friendly bathing suits and bikinis. Just in time for Earth Day, Swimsuitsforall has unveiled the Laura Wells for Swim Sexy capsule collection, making it the first eco-friendly swimwear line available in a wide range of sizes. They have enlisted the gorgeous model (and environmental scientist) Laura Wells as the face (and body) of the line, and she is looking like perfection in the ads for these swimsuits.

Wells is the perfect candidate for this campaign, not only because she's a model, but because, as mentioned earlier, she's also an environmental scientist. Wells has a science degree and a law degree, and as if that's not enough, she is currently pursuing a Masters of Environmental Management. She's also a body positive icon, modeling for plus sizes since 2006. Get it, girl.

Wells is passionate about the environment, working with multiple environmental organizations like Greenpeace and the Boomerang Alliance to bring awareness around recycling and waste management. So, it makes sense she's the gorgeous face of this collection.

The Swim Sexy suits are made from Recotex, a 100% recycled yarn that reuses polyester and spandex. They're also chlorine and sea water-tested. The packaging is even sustainable, and garment tags use 100% recycled paper. And besides all that good-for-the-earth stuff, the suits are super cute. The collection has two-piece and one-piece suits, in a variety of colors and patterns that communicate Wells' passion for sustainability and the ocean. They range in sizes, from 10 to 24.

“Swimsuitsforall gave me an opportunity to merge my passion for the ocean’s beauty with my role as an ambassador for body positivity,” Laura Wells said in the press release. “I am very excited for customers to see how sexy eco-friendly swimsuits can be!”

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