Here's How To Get Beyonce's Radiant Skin

Sir John Barnett, your word is officially gospel: Beyoncé's makeup artist shared the skincare secrets he uses on her majesty herself, so we can all look as glowy and glamorous as the queen. Her radiant complexion is part of her magic, and Barnett's interview with The Cut gives us some valuable insight on how we can claim her incredible skin for ourselves. I'll have what she's having for sure.

"I'm a skin-care junkie. I like to use eye creams around the face," says Barnett. According to The Cut, it's because "eye cream is made of smaller, more delicate particles that are better absorbed." I have a feeling this habit could get pricey, but it's all for the cause, right?

His second secret is really more about what's on the inside. "Drink kale," he says. He credits the superfood's power to its high vitamin K content, which he says increases circulation and cell turnover and translates to better skin. OK, spinach is officially getting the boot from my green smoothies. From now on, all kale, all the time. Sorry, Popeye.

His third tip gives a little more immediate results. His go-to makeup secret is cream highlighter (they give a more natural result than "powdery, shimmery bricks.") "When you want that beachy glow, make sure the products you use have a soft quality," he says. "It's not so much of a shimmery, glittery highlight as it is more of an emollient, glowing post-SoulCycle, post-sex kind of look." Au natural without actually going au natural? I'm in. His go-to is L'Oréal Lumi.

In any case, I've got some work to do on my skin if I ever want to get up to Beyoncé-level glow. Many thanks for the inside secrets, Sir John Barnett.


Images: Getty Images