Blake Lively Wore $4 Million In Jewelry

Blake Lively has been a busy, busy girl: yesterday, she wore 11 outfits (yes, 11) while out and about promoting her new film The Age of Adaline, but that's not even the most impressive part about it. Blake Lively wore $4 million in jewelry, because what's an outfit without the diamonds to match?

Of course, you need friends in high places to pull off that kind of accessorizing. Lucky for Blake, jewelry goddess Lorraine Schwartz is a gal pal. Lively wore multiple Lorraine Schwartz pieces yesterday, including oversized and twisty diamond earrings.

“She looked so gorgeous,” Schwartz said of Lively’s premiere looks, according to PEOPLE. “She is really so hands on and she doesn’t follow rules and she does what she wants. She loves to play with jewels and that’s how we became such good friends. Between her and [Schwartz fan] Beyoncé, you cant ask for better models. She has a great eye and a true appreciation for jewels. She gets excited like a little girl when she sees jewels. She gets a smile on her face… She takes chances, she’ll be bold, she’ll be classic, she’ll be elegant — she’ll change her look. That’s what my jewelry is about — to empower you as a woman to have the look you want. Jewelry is as important to her as any part of the outfit.”

Apparently, the girls stayed up until 3 a.m. the night before the press tour, choosing the jewelry pieces that would accompany Blake's fashion frenzy, according to PEOPLE. That's one girls night I'd kill to be invited to.