This Toddler's Art Became A Designer Print

Sometimes you just have to deal with the fact that a two-year-old already has more professional success than you might ever have in your life. Egle Ziemyte, the creative director for Lithuanian brand D.Efect, has turned her toddler's abstract painting into a designer print, and the world loves it.

Ziemyte told Buzzfeed that after teaching her young daughter, Sofija, how to paint, she realized that her daughter's creation would make a great textile, so she decided to incorporate it into her collection to showcase "the beauty of imperfection." Sofija's art is featured on several pieces including a dress, a top and a jacket.

Ziemyte says that her daughter probably is too young to fully understand that she helped design a collection. Obviously. Realistically Sofija is too young to be forming long-lasting memories, let alone understand the widespread scale on which her artwork will be displayed. Ziemyte, a mother of two, says she enjoys working with her children because it reminds her to keep an open mind.

“I would like people to realize that there are no rules to what fashion or art is or is not,” Ziemyte said. “Why can’t a painting of a toddler be considered as art?”

The real success here, in my opinion, isn't that the painting was made into a textile, but rather that the two-year-old girl was able to create a piece of artwork that doesn't look like the average two-year-old child's finger paintings. Ziemyte should start selling her daughter's paintings, because, wow.

Images: D.Efect (2)