Paige Reveals Her Parents' Identities To Pastor Tim On 'The Americans' Finale, What Does This Mean For The Jennings' Future?

Well, Paige had to react to her parents' news somehow. After finding out that her mother and father are actually Russians, Paige finally showed her true emotions about the huge news in the season finale of FX's series The Americans . The episode itself began with an ominous feeling and quite the significant title as well. The finale episode name is "March 8, 1983," as in the day that President Reagan made his Evil Empire speech about Russia. The speech definitely loomed heavy over the last few moments of the finale, but the feeling of discomfort and loss of identity was definitely the biggest theme throughout the episode. And these uncertain feelings as well as betrayal led to Paige's revelation of her parents' true identities to Pastor Tim. And that could easily, very easily, lead to disaster for Philip and Elizabeth Jennings as well as Paige and her brother.

So why did Paige come to the decision to tell Pastor Tim about her parents? She began the finale by making her way to Eastern Germany with Elizabeth to go visit Elizabeth's grandmother one last time before she was certain to pass away. Despite Gabriel telling Philip that it was too dangerous for Elizabeth and Paige to go on the trip, Philip made it happen and nothing seemed to be off, for the time being. But Paige was definitely uncomfortable about the whole trip.

From the moment they got off the plane and began walking on the streets of East Germany, Paige was worried about every step she and her mother took. Was her mother always on the job? What was she to expect from her grandmother? All of these questions and more were heightened thanks to being in a dangerous city and knowing something dangerous about her parents. Eventually she was able to meet her grandmother and Elizabeth was able to say goodbye properly.

When her grandmother left, Paige began to pray for her as Elizabeth watched on. Before they came home, Paige revealed to Elizabeth were greatest worries. "I don’t think I can go home and lie to Henry, all my friends, everyone in my life," Paige said. "To lie to everyone for the rest of my life. That’s not who I am."

To this Elizabeth replied, "Everybody lies Paige. It’s a part of life. But we’re telling each other now. That’s what’s important. You’re gonna get through this."

The girls came back to the States in one piece, and Philip asked Elizabeth about the trip and how Paige was taking all of this information. Elizabeth believed the whole trip brought them together and that she felt Paige was really taking these new truths well. In reality, she was falling apart. So she did what any young girl who is strongly religious would do: She told her Pastor. At first she tried to stay as vague as possible. But finally she revealed pretty much the full truth: "They’re liars and they’re trying to turn me into one. They’re not who they say they are. They’re not Americans," she said. "I’m not supposed to say it. You can’t tell anyone. They’re Russians."

Well there it is. Considering how Philip has been feeling like he's losing his identity, Stan losing his way in the FBI while desperately trying to get Nina back, and with Elizabeth now saying goodbye to her mother for good, everyone on The Americans is dealing with loss and uncertainty. The fact that Paige's reveal came with such a heavy sense of anger, betrayal and sadness and was timed perfectly with Elizabeth and Phillip watching Reagan's speech makes me think that maybe Paige believes her parents' true identities are black and white. They are liars and they've betrayed everything she thought she knew. As Reagan said in his speech, Russia is "the focus of evil in the modern world." Does Paige believe this is the case for her parents? And what will Pastor Tim and/or Paige do with this information in the future? Here's a black and white truth: Season 4 is already starting out on quite the tense note.

Images: Patrick Harbon/FX (3)