This Girl Butt Hula Hooping Is Weirdly Mesmerizing

Running off to join the circus always seemed like an especially biting threat when I was an indignant child, but was I ever being serious? As an exceptionally clumsy, ungraceful child, of course not. However, Aerial Emery took on a life with the circus for real at a young age, starting early honing tricks of the trade. Her best to date, though is hula hooping with her butt. OK, she can hula hoop with basically her entirely body, but ALSO HER BUTT AND IT'S SO IMPRESSIVE.

My sister and I spent our youth zigzagging through weird pastimes instead of focusing on a handful of hobbies that might have eventually bloomed into actual talents. We did dabble in hula hooping—and I even got so good I found inspiration in a specific scene from 7th Heaven and learned how to hula hoop from my neck to my hips to my feet. (I looked very hard but sadly could not find the clip. I'm sorry to let you all down.) That being said, we got nowhere near as good as Emery. This badass young lady started her circus arts training at the tender age of seven—perhaps also initially inspired by 7th Heaven (maybe!!). In a new video shot on location in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, Emery gets a killer chance to show off her insane skills. I MEAN...

This Québec woman has got mad talent. I feel like maybe it's time to reboot my hooping days... Scope the whole video of her routine below:

And finally, let's revisit the most important part. The part in which Emery hula hoops with her butt. It's...incredible:

It's such a short segment of the video, one might even chance missing it entirely. Which would be TRAGIC. Guys, we need to pull hooping from the circus and festival circuit and make it mainstream again. (Again? Was it ever? Someone please confirm or deny.) Here's some more inspiration for newly-established hoop dreams:

Queen Bey

OBVS. I mean, watch that glitter. Whoa.

This woman

Please watch until the end and tell me I'm not the only one surprised.

This truly gripping amateur film

KILLER HULA HOOP CLAIMS ANOTHER VICTIM. I don't know. But I want to know more.

Getcha hoop on, y'all. We must unite to make the dream of butt hula hooping an actual trend. I'm counting on you.

Images: Aerial Emery/Facebook; YouTube(4)