Taylor Swift's 2015 Met Gala Dress Could Be Any One Of These 20 Stylish Gowns

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Prom may be a mere month away for some, but adults who happen to possess a membership to the Screen Actors' Guild are eagerly anticipating a much grander event entirely: the 2015 Met Ball, themed "China: Through the Looking Glass." The Met Ball is a veritable cornucopia of imaginative gowns and getups, offering the fashion community an opportunity to flex its collective innovative muscles, and showcase the latest and greatest sartorial feats. Every top model under the sun will be in attendance, accompanied by an army of athletic escorts, but this year I'm more intrigued by what Taylor Swift may sport to the ball.

Swift hit a cultural and indeed sartorial turning point in 2014 when she released 1989, eschewing her romantic rockabilly country roots in favor of a Top 20 flavor, and her style accordingly reflected the transformation. The chanteuse still favors red lipstick and can't say no to a fuchsia ball gown with a full skirt, but there have been more leather jackets and daringly cut dresses to accompany her more twee wares. Scroll through for 20 gowns Swift may wear to the 2015 Met Ball.

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