Supercuts Is Adding Some Serious Perks

I love my longtime stylist at an upscale salon and don't cheat, but there are times when I need a quick bang snip and I contemplate hitting the local chain salon due to time constraints. I never go through with it, because of that loyalty thing, but these Supercuts service upgrades make me think that I might wander in there if I am in need of a between-cut bang trim or a snip of the split ends when I am nowhere near my stylist.

Supercuts is making the guest experience better, with upscale touches like a post-cut, hot towel swipe, which is way awesome, and a new app with practical features. So you have an "Ahh!" element and an added convenience. I can so get down with that, especially since I am so busy, like most working girls!

Honestly, I was traveling to L.A. recently and when I checked into my hotel late at night, I was handed a hot, lemon-scented towel and it was so relaxing to just wipe my hands and arms after five-plus hours on those stale-air, skin-dehydrating germ tubes known as planes. It was such a nice, refreshing touch. So I am digging the fact that Supercuts has added this service. It's the epitome of simple but effective.

These are the three awesome things that Supercuts is doing.

1. Hot Towel Refresher

After your cut, a hot towel infused with tea-tree oil is used to wipe away any excess hairs that landed on the neck or hairline and as fallout from the snip.

2. Continuing Education

The company has its stylists participate in educational seminars so that they offer the best service. How does this benefit you and why do you care? They seem to look at you not as customer, but as a client.

3. App-y Is Happy

The new app lets you check in for same-day service or to locate a nearby outpost. You can also choose a stylist.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most impressive. You might wanna give Supercuts a second chance if you are a haircut snob like I am

Images: Giphy (1); Supercuts/PR Newswire (2)