Americans Try Speaking With An Australian Accent, And The Results Are Far More Ridiculous Than You Could Even Imagine — VIDEO

As an Australian currently living in America, I can attest to the fact that no one ever understands what we're saying. Sometimes it feels like Americans aren't even trying. It's like you hear the Australian accent and immediately think, "Oh, I'm out," and don't even bother to make an attempt to listen. Apart from a few words like "tuna" and "tomato", the Australia accent is pretty easy to understand. Basically everyone else in the world understands us, except Americans. That's why this video of Kieran Murray asking Americans to try talking in an Australian accent (specifically "G'day mate, how you going?") is absolutely so ridiculous. No one even TRIES to hear what he's saying and repeat it. It just goes immediately into the "too hard" basket.

Admittedly, about half the people in the video are drunk (mostly in New Orleans), some are children, and some are straight-up crazies. Some don't even seem to speak English as a first language, so we'll give them a free pass. But the English speaking, sober adults: NO EXCUSES. I see you. And you're not trying hard enough. If Leonardo DiCaprio can sort of, half pull off a South African accent, you can at least attempt to say "G'day mate!" in an Australian one.


Watch the video below, and look out for the guy who used to live in the back of Britney Spears' dad's house:

Kieran Murray on YouTube

Americans be all like:

You definitely subscribe to unflattering stereotypes:

But be careful, because Russell Crowe will punch you:

Because Australians sort of feel like this about the way you treat our accents:

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