Pizza Hut Made A Bacon Mac & Cheese Pizza For A Middle School Class After They Wrote A Letter Asking For It — VIDEO

What person hasn't dreamed of inventing a royally decadent pizza? An eighth grade class of students did just that, and Pizza Hut made a bacon mac and cheese pizza that the kids invented and served it to them before anybody else in the world. The kids, from Clearview Regional Middle School in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, are clearly freaking geniuses who fully deserve this. The magical pizza was the brain child of students Allyson Sooy, Sean Flannery, and Nick Gabriele, who were working on a statistics project to come up with the "ultimate" pizza combo. For anyone who lives/has visited Williamsburg and has been to Vinne's for a late night slice knows that Bacon Mac & Cheese pizza is the absolute best kind of pizza. So statistically and non-statistically speaking, I can vouch for these kids. A+ work guys.

It all started when the kids sent a letter to Pizza Hut detailing their prototype, and if that isn't a hint, I don't know what is. These guys were basically fishing for a pizza and I don't care because life is just one giant pizza fish, ya know? Anyway, Pizza Hut did their civic duty and surprised the kids with two types of pizza, one topped with just cheese and one topped with pepperoni, both stuffed full of bacon mac and cheese. Suffice to say, these might be the luckiest children in the world. Watch their elated surprise below:

Meanwhile, I'm looking at that pizza salivating. If I got my hands on it I'd be all:

Nothing could tear us apart.

Because pizza is always there when you call.

Meryl gets it.

Images: Pizza Hut/Facebook; Getty Images; Giphy (4)