Dress Like Kiernan Shipka At 'Harper's' Party

Does anyone have a higher style batting average than Kiernan Shipka? At the 'harper' by Harper's Bazaar launch party in Los Angeles, the actress completely knocked it out of the park in what might just be the most adorable Valentino dress ever. Seriously, she must be some kind of fashion Babe Ruth. That's to say that she's got an almost supernatural ability to wear a stunning outfit to pretty much every single event she attends (and she goes to a lot of events). Basically, almost everything she wears is, if not a complete home run, at the very least a triple or a double. Okay, sorry, last baseball metaphor!

The dress was a bright red shift dress, with sporty short sleeves and a to-die-for crisp Peter Pan collar. It was the perfect mix of modern and mod — like a fun nod to her character on Mad Men, but brought into this century with some done/undone beachy waves and a completely chic black clutch (and matching nail polish). It was perfectly in line with the latest trends, and it's definitely a look worth replicating — so I've included some shopping options below.

Let's start out with a look at the dress in question:

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pretty much perfect, right? Now, onto the shopping:

L!ve 3/4 Sleeve Rib Collar Shift Dress

This Lacoste number is definitely a little more relaxed and sporty than Kiernan's Valentino, but it's still got that collared flair (and it looks surprisingly good with gray tights and maroon sneakers).

L!ve 3/4 Sleeve Rib Collar Shift Dress, $76.99, Lacoste

Flippy Collar Dress

Unfortunately, this one doesn't come in red — but its swingy-shift silhouette captures the same mod '60s vibe.

Flippy Collar Dress, $75, Topshop

Notable Newbie Dress

Very ladylike; I feel like Ms. Shipka would approve.

Notable Newbie Dress, $59.99, Modcloth

ASOS Knitted Skater Dress with Lace Collar

There's something a little Veruca Salt-ish about this dress, and it's definitely charmingly retro.

ASOS Knitted Skater Dress with Lace Collar, $39, ASOS

Red Dress in Crepe Couture

Now, if you really want to go for the gold (and have a LOT of disposable income), you could always copy Kiernan's style outright, and head over to your local Valentino Boutique and buy this one.

Red Dress in Crepe Couture, $2,190, Valentino

Images: Getty Images (1), Courtesy Brands